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About Fujitsu

shaping tomorrow with you, Fujitsu Brand Story, Find out more

Corporate Profile

Our Business

More information about Our Business

Information about our business areas, principal products and services.

Our Approach to CSR

More information about Our Approach to CSR

Overview of our basic stance and activities in areas such as environmental commitment, employee relations, community involvement and accessibility.


More information about Environment

Fujitsu's environmental activities.


More information about Technology

Overview of our activities in the areas of advanced technology, design and intellectual property.

Investor Relations

More information about Investor Relations

Financial highlights, results and reports, executive IR presentations, and annual shareholders' meeting materials.


More information about Employment

Links to regional/country-specific sites with information on employment opportunities at Fujitsu locations around the world.


More information about Procurement

Details on our procurement policy, eco-friendly "Green Procurement" guidelines, and call for bids, including link to online application form.


More information about Partners

Information about Fujitsu's partner program.

More about Fujitsu

More information about Reports


Various reports, including our Annual Report and Sustainability Report.

More information about Fujitsu in Our Daily Lives

Fujitsu in Our Daily Lives

Explore how Fujitsu systems are working to support social infrastructure.

More information about History of Fujitsu

History of Fujitsu

Discover the events and innovations that have culminated to make Fujitsu a leading light in the ICT space today.

More information about Publications


Periodicals and other Fujitsu publications.

More information about Awards


A snapshot of recent awards we have received in areas such as the environment and technology.

More information about Advertising


Highlights of recent Fujitsu advertising campaigns in various regions/countries.

More information about Fujitsu Logo

Fujitsu Logo

Fujitsu Logo and its history.

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