A state in which you can achieve the work and private life as you envision, and you have the discretion and decision-making power to achieve self-realization


Each employee can understand and talk about their own Well-being

  • Well-being
    • Sending Well-being Messages to Global for promotion understanding of Well-being
    • Development of Well-being Indicators
  • Occupational Health & Safety (*1)
    • Zero occurrences of serious accidents

(*1) “Occupational Health and Safety” has been integrated into “Well-being” since FY2023.


  • Provide a work environment with opportunities to enrich and continuously improve our positivity, including health culture, enabling all of our people to thrive
    ⇒ Global average score for "Work-life Balance" and "Well-being (*2)” 71
  • Provide opportunities where they achieve success in personal and professional development and can be completely themselves at work
    ⇒ Global average score for "Growth Opportunities" 70

(*2) "Work Environment" has been changed to "Well-being" from FY2022.

Fujitsu Group believe our employees’ Well-being is

Fujitsu Group believe “Well-being” which focuses on people, the source of our business activities, is one of the most important management issues. We believe our employees’ Well-being is “a state which staff can realize their work and private life as they envision, and have the discretion and decision-making power to achieve self-realization.” While "Happy" is a momentarily feeling, "Well-being" is more sustainable happiness.

Fujitsu Group has summarized the four key elements of Well-being that can be realized through work. Although each individual will prioritize a different category for their own Well-being because of each individuals’ circumstances, we believe that we can approach the state of Well-being through work when these factors are met.

Four Key Elements of Well-being in Fujitsu Group

*Our theme color of Well-being Activities is Magenta Orange. Magenta represents deep warmth and creativity, and Orange represents moving perpetually forwards.

Promotion system and review

Well-being activities are reviewed by the Sustainability Management Committee, which meets semiannually to confirm the progress of activities and achievement of targets, and to discuss new activities. The results are reported to the Management Committee. The Chief HR Officer (CHRO) is the pillar owner and the PMO (Employee Success Unit& International CoE) is responsible for planning and promotion. Regional leaders are appointed from each region to promote specific measures and activities in each region.

Fujitsu Well-being committee

Goals and Results

Stories to 2030 (Goals)

We believe the time when Well-being becomes a common sense of value for people, will come after 2030, in which SDGs goals are set. We envision a Well-being story in three steps to realize the plan as the ideal form for 2030. It is currently in the first stage consists of the aim that "each employee can understand and talk about their own Well-being" by 2025. We are promoting the development of "Promote understanding of Well-being" and "Data-driven visualization and analysis” toward achieving this goal.

Well-being Story by 2030

Major Initiatives in FY2022 (Results)

<1>Promote understanding of Well-being

Promote Well-being Message at Global News

  • Promote Well-being Message at Global News
    On January 30, 2023, CHRO sent a message to all global employees (approximately 120,000 employees) to promote understanding of Fujitsu's Well-being. The contents are "The definition of Well-being in Fujitsu Group" and "Our stance as a company for future improvement of our Well-being.”

Lecture by Mr. Yoshiki Ishikawa, Well-being for Planet Earth

  • Lecture by Mr. Yoshiki Ishikawa, Well-being for Planet Earth
    On February 22, 2023, Mr. Yoshiki Ishikawa of Well-being for Planet Earth gave a lecture, question-and-answer session, and a discussion session at Fujitsu Transformation Now with the aim of understanding the positioning of Well-being in the society (approximately 1,200 employees participated).

International Day of HappinessWell-being Initiative

  • International Day of Happiness
    On International Day of Happiness (March 20, 2023), CHRO sent a message to all Fujitsu Group employees around the world (approximately 120,000 employees), aiming to provide them with an opportunity to think their own Well-being. In Japan, we held a Thanks event in which employees could express their gratitude through an app (Target: approximately 30,000 employees in Fujitsu Ltd. / Number of thanks points during the event: approximately 12,000).
    As a member of the Well-being Initiative (*1), we also held joint events with 19 other companies, publicized information on our company's Well-being initiatives, and had an opportunity to communicate with other companies in walking events.
  • *1
    Well-being Initiative
    The initiative was launched in 2021 by Nikkei Inc. in cooperation with Well-being for Planet Earth, a public interest incorporated foundation, voluntary companies, experts, and organizations. The Fujitsu Group has participated since the first year.

<2>Data-driven visualization and analysis.

We conducted a Well-being Trial Survey (targeting approximately 2,500 employees) from February 27 to March 10, 2023, with the aim of developing indicators to quantitatively measure the actual feeling of Well-being. We plan to conduct trial surveys in 2Q for all employees in Japan (approximately 80,000 employees) and in 4Q for all employees worldwide (approximately 120,000 employees).

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