Value Creation Model


Fujitsu's Value Creation Model to Achieve its Purpose

Focused on Societal Challenges Fujitsu is Purpose-Driven to Provide Value to Society

Fujitsu aims to realize its Purpose, which is “to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation”, and thereby create new value while helping to build a better future for customers and for society.
Reflecting the newly established materiality, our vision for 2030 is to be “a technology company that realizes net positive(*1) through digital services".
Our value creation model is based on capital inputs and business activities that aim to create a sustainable society by focusing on key strategies for Fujitsu and to develop the priority issues for sustainability management under the Global Responsible Business (GRB) framework. The outputs derived from these initiatives are positioned as financial and non-financial indicators, and the resulting outcomes provide value to society.
We will continue to invest as inputs the various outputs and outcomes generated through these activities, while also working to enhance the value delivered to a range of stakeholders.

  • (*1)
    Fujitsu defines net positive as follows: “In addition to maximizing financial returns, we are committed to solving global environmental problems, developing a digital society, and improving people’s well-being. Technology and innovation will have a positive impact on society as a whole.”

Value Creation ModelValue Creation Model

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