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PalmSecure truedentity

The new Fujitsu PalmSecure truedentity solution enables all kind of companies to protect identity and sensitive data during virtual or physical transactions such as online payment. The flexible and easy to use multi-factor –authentication solution combines the Fujitsu palm vein technology with the truedentity security and grants a clear authentication of all participants, who are in contact together over the system.

A basic principle ensures that user authentication data – in this case, palm vein pattern and associated ID data – is only provided when requested by the service supplier and actively permitted by the user. On mutual approval to proceed, authentication data is transferred over secured communication channels for each and every transaction. Within this communication, the so-called ‘Identity Provider’ is integrated as an additional service in a mediation role for mutual authentication. PalmSecure truedentity offers the highest protection against fraud and enables a high level on user convenience.

  • Fujitsu PalmSecure truedentity authenticates users and service providers to each other as a trustworthy basis for easy-to-use and convenient virtual and physical transactions
  • Flexible multi-factor authentication includes highly secure palm-vein pattern biometrics
  • According to European Data Protection Directive, user authentication data may not be stored centrally, greatly reducing potential fraud or misuse

PalmSecure truedentity is an ideal base for E2E security solutions, e.g. for web services, online banking, social security applications, etc. also supporting basic functions such as Windows LogON / SSO and can be used in combination with PalmSecure ID Match as an application terminal.

Benefits of PalmSecure truedentity

  • Protecting and controlling of sensitive data and transactions
  • Secured and audit proofed evidence of transactions
  • Easy and practicable for users, hygienic, high user acceptance
  • Easy integration into existing infrastructures

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