Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Fujitsu Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Enterprise blockchain solutions - paving the way to stable, trusted, distributed business ecosystems

How can enterprise blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) fill the gaps and expand business capabilities? Simply put - integration, specifically the integration of trust into data and transaction processes with a cryptographically verifiable digital ledger. Increasing trust in data drastically raises its value to the business.

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) are fundamentally built on the concept of decentralization across different systems, locations, and people (nodes) in order to deliver trust, transparency and security. As data is dynamic, smart contracts and chaincode are used to establish the rules for data formatting, who can modify the data and in which circumstances.

This inherent foundation of trust enables businesses to disrupt, reimagine and revolutionize how they transact internally, among each other, and with their customers using data from a myriad of sources.

Capability Gaps

In the face of an unpredictable global economy and volatile supply chains, a secure, trusted and connected business ecosystem offers a wide range of benefits:

Reduced Risk

Reduced Risk - replaced by transparency.

*75% of organizations cite increased transparency as a key driver for the adoption of DLT

Unlocked Value

Unlocked Value - new business models, ways of working and models of trust.

*68% of business leaders view the ability to build new revenue streams and business models as a key driver behind the use of DLT

Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency - reimagined business models reduce/eliminate friction.

*66% of organizations cite increased operational efficiency as a key driver behind DLT adoption

Increased Integrity

Increased Integrity - safer, improved ecosystems.

*61% of business leaders cite data integrity as a key driver behind their plans for DLT adoption

Co-create with Fujitsu and realize the benefits of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies

At Fujitsu, we are a global-scale player with credible real-world blockchain expertise, technology and resources capable of paving the way to trusted, distributed business ecosystems and business transformation. We use an agnostic approach to technology and implementation that takes into account the unique nature of your business, organization and ecosystem.

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Fujitsu DLT Solution Use Cases

Our distributed ledger technology solutions and services enable our customers to increase the speed, accuracy and quality of their decision-making based on near real-time data to tackle fraud, rethink processes and disrupt markets in a way that cannot be done using traditional data platform technology.

Fujitsu Track and Trust – DLT Supply Chain Transparency and Validation

Sophisticated global supply chains have facilitated the rapid rise of complex markets and ecosystems that involve multiple agreements. Where there is a lack of shared data and an overreliance on micro-agreements, it is too easy for the links of the chain to be broken or corrupted. Our Fujitsu Track and Trust digital ledger technology helps organizations to reimagine security, traceability and finality in their everyday operations. It brings a trusted point of validation across production, supply, distribution, and sales networks. It delivers a transparent and tamper-proof way of tracing, tracking, and verifying an item’s credentials throughout its journey and lifespan. A seal of authenticity can be quickly and simply illustrated as well as evidenced. DLT within the supply chain enables:

  • increased transparency
  • increased simplicity
  • tamper proof validation
  • fraud and error prevention
  • increased efficiency
  • finality

Digital Identity – Empowering Citizens

With increased calls for efficiency, accessibility, personalization, transparency and accuracy, the digitalization of public sector services is rapidly becoming part of citizens’ expectations. Digital identity provided by distributed ledger technology offers citizens control over their data, held within a personal digital wallet. Trust with citizens is strengthened. Each wallet holds a range of records – including personal details, financial history, transaction accounts, academic records and medical records. Citizen users can interact with a range of government and also commercial services with the flexible use of their identity. DLT enables government service providers to:

  • enhance operational efficiencies
  • empower citizens
  • strengthen trust
  • tackle revenue leakage
  • deliver faster services
  • reduce administration efforts
  • promote the integrity of processes and data
Smart Document Management Solutions

Smart Document Management Solutions

Reduce risks, delays and costs with simple to use smart document management solutions from Fujitsu. Exploit digital ledger technology to increase the speed, accuracy and quality of decision making based on real-time and trusted data, allowing you to manage and verify documentation and invoices, tackle fraud, and rethink processes.

  • tamper-proof asset track & trust increases data security
  • reduce the cost of managing document and invoice flows
  • reduce risks associated with late, part or non-payments
  • enable an efficient audit, regulatory and compliance approach
  • driven by user experience; simple to use with rapid results

Enterprise Blockchain – Fujitsu Track and Trust Solution Center

In 2018 Fujitsu opened the international Enterprise Blockchain – Fujitsu Track and Trust Solution Center in Brussels, Belgium. Located in the heart of Europe, the Solution Center underscores our commitment to blockchain and distributed ledger technology as a means to revolutionize the way consumers and enterprises buy, sell and exchange goods and services and for organizations to transform their commercial and operational models. The Solution Center undertakes research with external partners, collaborating on specific projects to explore the technology’s potential beyond financial services – where it has already created widespread disruption to business models – as a new architect of information systems for all sectors.

Beyond Compliance: How Your ESG Strategy Can Supercharge Your Business

Reshaping a sustainability strategy can be a powerful engine of growth

In this white paper, co-written by analyst firm PAC and Fujitsu, you will get to know how companies seeing sustainability investments as an opportunity and not as an obligation can grow their businesses by:

  • Having a clear vision
  • Starting small, scaling fast
  • Finding the right tools
  • Having a plan beyond compliance for the data

Download this white paper and find out how to drive your ESG strategy and add value to your business.

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