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- World Tour 2015 : Fujitsu Belgium

Event Keynotes


Breakout SessionsThe keynotes of the World Tour 2015 focus on strategic perspectives: What will be the direction of Human Centric Innovation? Which developments will be on the CIO agenda? What strategic factors should be considered by decision-makers? Fujitsu’s top managers and high-ranking executives from strategic partners like Intel will address these questions in terms of ICT and business value.

Some highlights:
Joseph Reger

Get inspired by the keynote session from Dr Joseph Reger.

As the Internet penetrates all areas and aspects of life, business and infrastructure, a hyper-connected world is created. Digital and analog businesses, processes and, indeed, worlds converge on the basis of ICT technologies. Innovation accelerates, new value propositions and new businesses are created, existing businesses fundamentally transformed. What this development means, what technologies it requires and will create and how to make good use of it?

Participate to the roundtable: Work-life balance is dead?

An opportunity to hear experts on this topic and why not, to share your point of view with the panel.

Some experts already confirmed:

Jan Denys Jan Denys, labour market expert and communications director at Randstad. The most recent study Randstad Belgium conducted lead to the conclusion that work and private life are more and more interwoven.
Mathieu Pleyers Mathieu Pleyers, professor at ULB and HEC-ULG on productivity and change management. Stating that productivity in Belgium can still be increased, if an enterprise does the right things to motivate its employees. People + process = performance.
Frank Buytendijk Conclusion of the day will be made by

the Gartner analyst: Frank Buytendijk: “The Three Critical Dilemmas All Companies Wrestle With"

With innovations in business and technology removing so many borders and lifting so many constraints, the questions that business professionals wrestle with move from “How do we achieve things” to “What do we do with all that power?” Best practices do not work anymore, they represent solutions for yesterday’s problems. We need to question and redefine our business philosophy

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