Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common queries we get about the Fujitsu World Tour. If you have any other questions, please get in touch

How much does it cost to attend Fujitsu World Tour?
Registration for all of our events is free. The only thing we can't cover is your travel and accommodation costs.
How do I register for a Fujitsu World Tour event?
Each event has a dedicated site where you can register.
Why should I attend a Fujitsu World Tour event?
At Fujitsu World Tour you will have the opportunity to attend talks by Fujitsu's top executives and industry experts in each country. They will share their insight and knowledge on key trends as well as discussing how to futureproof your business. You will be able to join live demonstrations of Fujitsu's cutting edge technology and world-class solutions to see how these could benefit your business.
Why is there no event near me?
The Fujitsu World Tour aims to visit as many cities as possible. The locations change each year based on venue availability, logistics and feedback from visitors. If you cannot find an event near you, please visit the Fujitsu website to check for other events where you can speak to the Fujitsu team.
Can I follow the event online?
Yes. You can keep up to date by following Fujitsu on Twitter and following the #FujitsuWorldTour hashtag.
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