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Cloud Opportunities

Reshaping IT. Transforming business

Cloud computing presents opportunities for both business and social innovation as well as modernizing ICT. Cloud provides a platform for business units to develop and deploy new processes, systems and offerings that make them more competitive.  Cloud also helps turn IT into a more effective and responsive business service. Ensuring on-demand access to pools of trusted infrastructure and services, cloud promises to de-couple business initiatives from the IT capabilities driving them.

For IT, that means some fundamental restructuring and re-skilling; for business it means potential transformation in the speed, flexibility, efficiency, competitiveness and innovation of organizations – from large corporations and government departments to start-ups and SMEs.

Fujitsu cloud has the potential to remove many of the constraints associated with traditional IT. Instead of new initiatives being dependent on systems and software that take months, or even years to build-up, our cloud services can be provisioned to simply and effectively support your business needs — when needed and in the quantity required.

Whether delivered by Fujitsu or through our network of independent software vendors (ISVs) and consulting partners, cloud solutions present an array of opportunities that include cutting costs, underpinning growth, driving innovation and making business truly agile.

Cloud for business growth

Whether the business challenge is expanding into new markets, attracting and retaining new customers, executing M&A strategy or speeding up time-to-market for new products and services, cloud allows organizations to rapidly and easily scale up their operations to support business goals.

Cloud for business agility

Our cloud model, with its flexible infrastructures and on-demand pricing, is starting to reset the expectations for IT within business. It presents the opportunity for IT to be re-cast as an enabler of business agility — rather than an inhibitor of business change.

Cloud for... cost reduction

Under constant pressure to reduce the cost of their operations, organizations of all sizes expect their IT to deliver more value for less expense. By eliminating up-front spend on IT and providing IT capability on a pay-per-use basis, cloud has the potential to restructure the IT budget, moving key applications and services to multi-tenancy architectures.