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Government IT solutions, consulting and business benefits

Fujitsu Services has been powering government for more than 40 years. Our services enable critical functions of government at national, local, regional and devolved levels, touching the lives of millions of citizens and employees every day. We see ourselves as partners in the public service, proud of our record and determined to contribute wherever we can to the evolution of the very best services for the whole community.

Our commitment to the public sector is deep, long-term and creative. We believe in the continuous renewal of public services in pursuit of greater value for money, higher responsiveness to citizens' needs, and stronger competitiveness for our economy. These are the goals our technical skills and resources serve.

Read our new Research Report: Online Government Services and the Offline Older Generation

Fujitsu’s new research report proposes 5 ways for the government to manage the drive towards increased online public services but warns against the risk of alienating people in later life – most of whom are not connected, can’t go digital today but do rely on support and are key users of government services. Read the report: Online Government Services and the Offline Older Generation


Public Sector Frameworks

Public Sector organisations can cut out much of the costs and leg-work associated with ICT procurement by using Frameworks with Fujitsu.


The Desktop21 framework enables customers to select according to their needs, from pre-procured, desktop service modules based on pre-approved, best-in-class offerings. Fujitsu is one of only three preferred suppliers of Desktop21 to the public sector, as selected by Buying Solutions.

Public Sector Flex

Flex is unique in the public sector. It is the only functional government approved cross-departmental Restricted and Confidential shared service framework. The solution gives all public sector organisations access to leading IT infrastructure and services at a significantly reduced cost. According to the Cabinet Office, Flex “has reset the price of desktop services for the ICT Industry”.

Fraud and Error

The UK public sector has an opportunity to offset the worst effects of budget cuts by tackling billions of pounds of fraud and error with proven, yet still innovative approaches. Fujitsu has considerable expertise in reducing the impact of fraud and error in central and local government.

Police IT and Fujitsu

By using its workforce and its technology in completely new ways, Fujitsu believes that a transformed police service can be created, improving citizen confidence and saving money at the same time.