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IT Solutions for Local Government

Supporting Local Government services
Transforming public sector services through the power of digital

Driving better citizen outcomes

When citizen care is delivered faster, everybody benefits; the at-risk and vulnerable are better served, staff motivation increases and department resources are better utilised. Through collaboration with Fujitsu, local government can achieve its vision – easing pressure on already stretched resources and creating more value for the community.

Accessing Better Information with Data

Local authorities can gain far better insights into citizen issues when they are able to see and share one single version of the truth. It all starts with data - making better use of information that is often already available but has simply never been joined up. Make the connection and you make a difference to outcomes. Learn about (1.99 MB ) how we can transform your government department and reshape communities as a result.

Making Better Decisions with Mobile Working

Local authorities can provide faster responses to citizen needs by empowering field workers and specialists who are required to work in remote areas. By utilising the capabilities of modern workplace technology, local governments can minimise delay and make the best solution for the organisation. Fujitsu have a track record of securing gains in productivity through better communication and innovative approaches that treat work as something people do, not somewhere they have to go. They show how agile work forces can cover more ground and get more done. Find out more (1.76 MB ).

Providing Better Services with Digital Transformation

Local authorities can reduce paper based process and procedures and increase digital based engagement by transforming local authorities into digital-ready organisations, your budgets can now be invested in the services that help those less able to help themselves. Not only does digitisation transform an organisation's service portfolio, but the cost of service provision is also driven down as council employees are empowered to fulfil their roles without the hassle of day-to-day matters. Find out (2.21 MB ) how Fujitsu can help you achieve your digital transformation.

Take a fresh look

Explore our resources and see how we can transform local government, re-empowering existing assets by focusing on collaboration: between people, agencies, departments and processes.

Watch the Reading Borough Council Case Study

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