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Case Studies

At Fujitsu we create strong partnerships with our customers, enabling us to work together to find innovative solutions to business challenges. Take a look at our complete list of case studies to find out more about how we can help your business.

Search our complete list of case studies by clicking 'Search by category' below. This will reveal a number of drop down boxes from which you can select your search options including industry, region and solution.

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Search by Category

  • Fujitsu SecDocs as a Quantum Leap for German Federal Deployment Agency
    The Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit, BA) is the largest service provider in the German job market. As a self-governing public body, it acts independently within the relevant legal frameworks. The BA provides a wide range of services to both citizens and companies and institutions in the employment and education markets.
  • With the New Virtualised Data Centre Diodes refreshes its European Client Landscape
    Diodes wanted to upgrade and virtualise its aging server infrastructure while also expanding the capacity of its storage platform.
  • Ebina City introduces the paperless office with Fujitsu Web Core Conference
    Ebina City wanted to promote paperless offices as part of global warming countermeasures while strengthening security measures in order to protect citizens’ personal information. It also needed to avoid burdening employees with implementation and operation details.
  • New data center and back-up infrastructure for the Municipality of Wermelskirchen
    The council’s increasing demands on the IT system were becoming too great for the existing systems, and growing data volumes meant that a new storage system was required, as well as an appropriate data infrastructure.
  • DARZ gains from Hyperscale storage system ETERNUS CD10000, to provide highly efficient offerings on Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange (DBCE) marketplace
    The Darmstädter Rechenzentrum (Darmstadt Data Center, DARZ) is based in the most secure place in the German state of Hesse – the former vaults of the state’s central bank. Its foundations were used to build what is now a 2,400 square meter, high-security, eco-friendly data center.
  • New ways of Learning and student-run Service Desk with Tablets at St. Joseph’s Academy
    St. Joseph’s Academy wanted to ensure it was staying on top of technology to empower its students to be the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Cloud and Disaster Recovery solution for Jamaica Public Service
    Following a comprehensive tender process, JPS asked Fujitsu to create an Infrastructure as a Service solution with servers and storage hosted in two separate locations on the island. The deployment and configuration took just ten weeks.
  • Sibneftegeofizika introduces a High-Performance Data Center for processing geophysical data
    Sibneftegeofizika needed to upgrade its system for processing geophysical data to work on projects in geological surveying of oil and gas companies. When processing and interpreting (earth structure modelling) high-capacity computing resources are needed, which the company did not have. The upgraded computing system would enable the company to take part in larger scale projects, where high performance computing systems are essential.
  • Pea Soup uses PRIMERGY Servers for building its Cloud business
    Pea Soup was founded in 2014 by two enterprise computing veterans who believed they could revolutionise Cloud Computing. It aims to simplify Cloud provisioning in order to more easily deliver computing solutions to its customers.
  • Managed Maintenance pays off for EDEKA
    With Managed Maintenance, Fujitsu offers modular, standardized IT services for heterogeneous infrastructures. For EDEKA Nordbayern-Sachsen-Thüringen, Fujitsu assumes responsibility for all the different hardware and software components.
  • AEWnet from Northern Italy increases efficiency by virtualizing its data center
    Azienda Energetica Reti – Etschwerke Netz, also known under the trade name of AEWnet, manages and measures electric power distribution in numerous municipalities of the Alto Adige region of Italy. Read why they chose Fujitsu to overhaul the main components of its data center so that it could take advantage of the benefits of virtualization.
  • BTC Group invests in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and gains a Powerful Business Development Tool
    Fujitsu was chosen as the equipment supplier for the project implementation, involving servers and data storage systems. Fujitsu has rich experience in the creation of such facilities to meet the custom orders of Russian and foreign companies alike.
  • High-quality End User Services for Mavi, the Agency for Rural Affairs in Finland
    In 2008 the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry initiated a project to plan and implement joint procurement of basic IT services and IT user services. Mavi previously used different service providers to address its IT issues and maintain its workplace environment and related services. At the conclusion of the bidding process, Fujitsu became the Ministry’s new business partner.
  • Virtual Server Platform boosts IT performance of Wonkwang University in Korea
    Wonkwang University chose FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY BX900S2 with Intel® Xeon® Processor for its excellent system reliability, redundancy and scalability. The blade server provided an optimal platform for integration of the University’s academic administration system, and for implementation of a reliable virtualization environment that could facilitate infrastructure expansion and rapid turnaround after outages.
  • The Indonesian Institute of Sciences introduces Rack and Scale Out Server platform for High Performance Computing
    The family range of Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY systems underpin a powerful and flexible data center solution that allows LIPI to perform complex scientific calculations, reduce the risk of critical data loss, offers high scalability and a low TCO.
  • Fast and successful completion of "Rescue" project
    EUROVIA operates throughout Germany, covering the entire supply chain in the field of road construction. They were faced with restoring business processes as quickly as possible following the theft of the company’s entire hardware system. Read how Fujitsu was able to help to provide a rescue service using FUJITSU PRIMERGY TX300 S8 with LTO5 drive delivered in record time.
  • Fujitsu creates a highly reliable Contact Center for the University of the West Indies
    UWI turned to long term partner Fujitsu to design and build a 700 seat contact center. Fujitsu managed multiple hardware and software vendors as well as cabling to create the new business from the ground up.
  • LIFEBOOK T pays off at Athol Murray College of Notre Dame
    As a private school situated in an isolated village, Notre Dame strives to ensure it offers the best educational experience in order to attract students. One of its key strengths is its outstanding athletics program, which produces regular NHL players and college scholarships. However, recently it decided that technology was one area in which it could lead the field on the prairies.
  • MTU Maintenance is on the safe side with the Fujitsu Modular Data Center
    Due to increased demand on the availability of its IT system and high growth in its database volumes, MTU Maintenance wanted to replace an existing server room at its site in Hanover. The Fujitsu Modular Data Center turnkey security solution offers excellent flexibility whilst maintaining the highest possible security standards for the building services within the container at an attractive price.
  • Total refresh of Cafcass’ client infrastructure with Fujitsu Tablets and Ultrabooks
    Cafcass turned to existing Flex partner Fujitsu for advice. The company then rolled out over 1,800 preconfigured Fujitsu Ultrabook U772 and Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q702 devices within three months.
  • seepex renovates its data center for being well-prepared for global growth
    As seepex had already been working with the Fujitsu SELECT expert partner SVA System Vertrieb Alexander for some time, it made sense to choose them to renovate the data center...
  • ETERNUS DX system accelerates business reports of KIND hearing aid acoustics company
    KIND needed to accelerate their business intelligence (BI) system, FUJITSU and the SELECT Expert Partner, Bechtle AG, were able to set themselves apart from the other providers with their excellent price-performance ratio.
  • Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport runs with state-of-the-art network
    Heathrow Airport invested £2.5bn in a comprehensive rebuilding of its second terminal. It needed a partner that could deliver a high-speed, robust and flexible network that would underpin all of the new terminal’s critical operations.
  • Valor reduces processing time by implementation of Fujitsu Cloud
    By combining Fujitsu Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5 (TPS5) and Hadoop, Valor's store inventory calculation process was removed from the core system, making batch processing faster.
  • Hiscox introduces highly secure document management process with PalmSecure
    Hiscox is a leading specialist insurer headquartered in Bermuda, with roots dating back to 1901. It specialises in specific types of insurance, often focusing on areas other insurers find too complex to handle.
  • Da Chan Bay Terminal One minimises downtime through PRIMEQUEST and PRIMERGY servers
    The terminal’s previous Cargo Movement Operating System (CMOS) was unable to handle business growth and therefore Da Chan Bay decided to upgrade to the world leading NAVIS N4 terminal operating system. However as their existing IT infrastructure lacked the performance required to support the new system, it too needed to be upgraded.
  • TOFAS gains from a comprehensive HPC solution in the R&D area
    Tofaş needed a High Performance Computing (HPC) platform to carry out the increasingly complex algorithms that help it to design the kinds of vehicle that people want to purchase.
  • The ETERNUS DX500 S3 storage system makes life easy for EOS Group and its continual growth
    Installing a high performance and fail-proof storage solution for sensitive customer data with high availability and expandability, while retaining the existing virtualization software (DataCore).
  • Renewal of Framework and ERP system for Hellers in New Zealand
    Hellers turned to long term partner Fujitsu with whom the company had previously worked, to design, develop and deploy a new .NET framework integrated with the existing Dynamics NAV ERP system. In addition asking Fujitsu to provide guidance, leadership and quality assurance to support the delivery.
  • PRIMERGY BX900 technology boosts the Vicenza Municipal Authority’s digitization
    Population registers, mapping systems, digital document flows, payroll and tax compliance are just some of the areas where Vicenza Municipal Authority has initiated a process of profound innovation built around the efficient use of IT resources.
  • New Standard Operating Environment for the desktops of ME Bank
    ME Bank needed to replace its aging desktop environment. It wanted a more modern standard operating environment (SOE) that would enable automated application distribution and the ability to quickly roll out patches.
  • AAG Systems creates new business opportunities by implementing Fujitsu vShape
    AAG Systems wanted to replace its aging servers with a new virtualised server and storage environment. It needed to find the right partner and technology to make the project a success.
  • Autodesk converts CAD workstations to a Fujitsu PRIMERGY HPC cluster solution
    Autodesk was looking for a solution that would allow it to further expand its software development capabilities and create an internal demo center.The company wanted to focus on adjusting the hardware to suit the powerful software so that it could test rendering processes under fully realistic light conditions.
  • New Zealand Community Trust gains by implementing the Fujitsu Grants Manager
    Every year New Zealand Community Trust (NZCT) distributes around NZ$40 million in grants to good causes, supporting thousands of amateur sports clubs and community groups across the country.
  • Maintpartner responds to customer requests more quickly through Managed Mobile
    Maintpartner provides services to ensure the availability of technical processes within the production industry and public sector. Maintpartner has been working with local Fujitsu partner Isoworks since becoming an independent company in 2006. It turned to Isoworks for advice on how best to design and deploy a mobile workflow solution.
  • Emplal uses Fujitsu Cloud with SnapLogic
    The creation of a high scalability integrated environment with with Fujitsu Cloud Technology in parallel with SnapLogic.
  • Yokogawa Electric increases operational efficiencies through ETERNUS,PRIMEQUEST and PRIMERGY solution
    Yokogawa Electric implemented the integrated FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX8700 system to support 10 years’ of storage using automated tiering and effective data utilization.
  • IQUL is able to provide simultaneous examinations in different university locations
    IQuL GmbH works and carries out research in the field of testing management at universities with the aim of improving the quality of teaching in both universities and schools.Its main focus is on scientific research into exams and the development and preparation of tools for structuring and controlling legally compliant teaching and testing processes.
  • Comprehensive new storage infrastructure for BSN Information Network Service
    BSN INET needed to construct a low cost, scalable, next generation cloud service infrastructure and develop efficient remote backup to enhance DR measures. It required a supplier with proven experience in supporting the implementation of leading edge technologies such as Ethernet fabric.
  • Managed Mobile for Alma Media improves its digital services business
    Alma Media needed a trusted partner that could take responsibility for the operation of basic IT services, allowing it to reduce costs while introducing new products.
  • Caltex increases services level through Fujitsu Service Connect
    As a long-term Fujitsu customer, Caltex turned to Fujitsu Service Connect, which gives users the ability to manage IT solutions, incident resolution and overall IT service through a reliable, central portal.
  • Utilizing SAP Mobile Enterprise Application Services to improve productivity
    FUJITSU is the leading ICT services and hardware provider in Finland, where it employs approximately 2,600 people. Fujitsu’s goal is to facilitate and ease the day-to-day operations of businesses and other organizations with its cutting-edge ICT service models and technologies. Fujitsu takes care of its customers’ ICT, including application support, operations and development.
  • Successful rollout of ESPRIMO PCs and PRIMERGY servers for 2,000 branches of the Raiffeisen bank in Austria
    Fujitsu delivered performance, space-saving and energy-efficient ESPRIMO PCs as well as scalable and energy-efficient PRIMERGY server in the customer's setup.
  • First Citizens Bank trusts in Cloud Services by Fujitsu
    The First Citizens Group is one of the leading financial services groups in Trinidad & Tobago, offering a full range of retail, corporate and merchant banking services as well as asset management, trustee and brokerage services. IT migrated 20 applications to the Fujitsu Cloud platform, hosted in its Tier 3 data center in Barataria. This delivers optimal uptime, secure performance and allows First Citizens to quickly provision new services.
  • MOL Group gains from all-new shared infrastructure for SAP® systems across two sites
    MOL Group is a leading international integrated oil and gas company from Hungary with over 75 years of experience in its markets. SLOVNAFT is a refinery in Bratislava, Slovakia, with a processing capacity of up to six million tons per year.
  • FUJITSU Tablets improve Deutsche Telekom consultants’ work in the field
    Providing selected IT sales team members at the Telekom Deutschland GmbH subsidiary with powerful and representative mobile devices for customer demonstrations.
  • New public Wi-Fi network for Transport of London
    London has the oldest Metro system in the world and TfL wanted to introduce Wi-Fi on its network to improve customer experience for the millions of people who use it every day. The choice was made to launch the Wi-Fi service in as many stations as possible in time for the London Olympics in 2012.
  • GKL Marketing renews storage infrastructure and achieves real-time database queries
    Each year, GKL generates some 50 million datasets that not only need to be stored securely in a storage system, but must also be able to be accessed incredibly quickly. The storage system requirements are very high, particularly in terms of access time, security and restoring data.
  • DURABLE accelerates backup times by deploying ETERNUS DX
    DURABLE decided to renew the core data center infrastructure to align to future business expansions. PROFI AG, which are in charge of all IT consultation and project implementation for this client, suggested a comprehensive solution containing high-performance ETERNUS storage systems and state-of-the-art rack servers.
  • University Records Center choose Fujitsu Cloud
    University Records Center Ltd. (URC) was set up in 2010 to enable employers to assess the academic results of Japanese universities.
  • ThyssenKrupp consumes On-demand SAP hosting and migration services
    Unparalleled performance improvement as a result of Fujitsu’s On-demand SAP hosting services
  • Fujitsu Implements Energy Management System in Augsburg Factory
    Fujitsu combats a fourfold increase in energy related costs at their Augsburg facility with the Introduction of an energy management system leading to savings of 700,000 Euro and a 10% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Ajinomoto Selects Fujitsu to Migrate SAP Infrastructure and to Deliver Service Desk
    As a Japanese business with ambition for global expansion, Ajinomoto embarked on a project to migrate the infrastructure system (SAP) of four group companies, based in ASEAN countries (Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia )from within Japan to the Fujitsu Cloud IaaS Private Hosted LCP. Hosted in Fujitsu’s Singapore Data Center, the solution helps improve business continuity.
  • Royal Air force improves communication using Fujitsu CELSIUS workstation
    Formed in 1918 in response to the First World War, the UK’s Royal Air Force (RAF) is the aerial warfare service branch of the British Armed Forces and the oldest independent air force in the world. Its objective is to support the Ministry of Defence in ensuring the security of the UK and its overseas territories.
  • EWS Implements PRIMERGY Scalable Server Platform with LIFEBOOK Mobile PCs for Growth
    Electronic Warfare Solutions (EWS) is an independent and highly specialist company with specific expertise in the domains of electronic warfare and electronic counter measures.
  • Tendring Council Gain Mobile Experience With ETERNUS Storage and PRIMERGY
    Situated in the East of England on the Essex coast, Tendring District Council is approximately 130 square miles in size, with a population of almost 140,000.
  • LGL Baden-Württemberg Choose FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5
    ”Geographical information” refers to data about objects and physical features in a specific area. The geography of the land can be captured and depicted using a variety of measuring techniques. The data recorded through this process is processed and refined, made available by authorities and passed to third parties.
  • Balfour Beatty Chooses Fujitsu Data Center and Managed Desktop Services
    Balfour Beatty plc is a multinational infrastructure group with capabilities in professional services, construction services, support services and infrastructure investments. The company operates in over 80 countries and employs over 40,000 people, working for customers in the UK, the US, South-East Asia, Australia and the Middle East.
  • AFSA and Fujitsu Develop Transactional System
    The PPSR commenced operations in Australia in 2012. It provides a single point through which consumers, businesses and the finance industry can both register and search for security interests over personal property.
  • Pacific Coffee Company chooses Fujitsu Retail PoS solution
    Since the opening of its first coffeehouse in 1992, Pacific Coffee Company (PCC) has provided world-class coffee to satisfy Hong Kong’s growing demand for specialty coffee beverages.
  • ATR chooses PRIMERGY Servers for optimizing Datacentre power consumption
    The Keihanna datacenter operates as part of the Japan Ministry of the Environment’s FY2013 project to “Strengthen measures to reduce C02 emissions through technological development and verification”, and is equipped with the newest technology for linking DEMS (Datacenter Energy Management System) and VM (Virtual Machines).
  • Fujitsu Transforms Data Center Management with ManageNow
    Fujitsu is the world’s fourth largest IT company, offering a full range of technology products, solutions and services. Approximately 162,000 Fujitsu employees support customers in more than 100 countries. Since it was founded back in 1935, Fujitsu has been innovating information and communication technologies the world over.
  • DIS Migrates Private Cloud to Fujitsu PRIMERGY Blade Servers
    DIS is Serbia’s largest domestic retail chain with stores across the country and over 420 franchise partners.
  • Hospital Universitario Marqués de Valdecilla
    Hospital Universitario Marqués de Valdecilla is a publicly owned institution that reports to the Regional Health Ministry of the Cantabrian Government and forms part of the Cantabrian Health Service.
  • BLOCK Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH uses Fujitsu Read-to-Go Plus
    BLOCK Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH is a leading manufacturer of transformers, power supplies and electrical filters and has been a strong partner to industry and small trade businesses in the winding materials sector for many decades
  • Nikken Lease Kogyo Invests in Fujitsu Tablets
    Nikken Lease Kogyo rents and leases items such as construction-related materials, nursing-care products, and office and event supplies. As a pioneer in renting construction-related equipment for temporary use, Nikken Lease Kogyo owns one third of all temporary materials marketed in Japan.
  • LIXIL Selects Fujitsu Tablets
    LIXIL Corporation provides products from windows, tiles, doors and internal building materials for residential housing, to plumbing related equipment such as kitchens, bathrooms and toilets, as well as commercial facilities or office buildings, public facilities and spaces such as railway stations and transportation infrastructure.
  • Kyoto Prefecture Builds the Healthcare System with FUJITSU's CRMate Cloud Service
    Japan has three levels of government: national, prefectural and local. There are 47 prefectures in the country, with an average population of roughly 2.5 million in each prefecture. In that sense, Kyoto Prefecture has a fairly typical population profile, with most of its 2.6 million residents living in Kyoto City – Japan’s ancient capital. However, Kyoto lies within the greater Osaka urban area, which is home to more than 16 million people, and ranks second only to the greater Tokyo urban area’s 30 million-plus population. Proximity to such a large metropolitan conglomeration presents both challenges and opportunities when dealing with healthcare for the elderly.
  • Saint-Gobain Selects Fujitsu For Help Desk and Assessment Management Services
    Saint-Gobain is the world leader in the habitat and construction markets. It designs, manufactures and distributes building materials, providing innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for energy efficiency and for environmental protection.
  • Hallmark Cards Implements Fujitsu Cloud and TeamPoS Systems
    Hallmark was founded more than a century ago by a teenage entrepreneur with a couple of shoeboxes of postcards under his arm and the American dream in his heart. Today, Hallmark is a $4 billion business with greeting cards and other products sold in 39,000 retail stores across the US and in 100 countries worldwide. This makes it the global market leader in greeting cards.
  • Council Rock School District Uses Fujitsu ETERNUS Storage
    The Council Rock School District (CRSD) is located in lower Bucks County, in south eastern Pennsylvania. It spends over $12,000 per secondary student per year and operates two High Schools, three Middle Schools and ten Elementary Schools, and an alternative High School.
  • Mainstream Migrates to Fujitsu PRIMERGY Servers
    Mainstream was founded in 2005 with the aim of providing advanced web hosting services. It has three well-equipped data centers in Serbia, as well as one in the US and one in France. The company partners with all major ISPs and has its own hardworking, experienced and dedicated administrators.
  • Farmasoft LLC Chooses Fujitsu, NetApp and VMware Solutions
    Farmasoft is a leading pharmaceutical company in Ukraine. It has rich experience, dealing in pharmaceutical logistics since 1999. Since 2005 the company has expanded the scale of its operations, adding logistics of clinical research to its portfolio.
  • KARI Installs Fujitsu PRIMERGY Servers
    KARI is an international chain of stores selling fashion footwear and accessories for men and women. The brand is a household name in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. It runs a total of over 570 stores. KARI currently has 430 stores operating in Russia.
  • Technostroyproyekt Upgrades IT Infrastructure With Fujitsu
    Technostroyproyekt, founded in 2000, first specialized in designing retail and public catering sites. Over time the company entered the market for the construction of residential housing, industrial facilities and social sites.
  • Northern (Artctic) Federal University Chooses Fujitsu Servers and Storage
    The M.V. Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) Federal University (NARFU) is a new research and educational innovation center in the Russian system for higher professional education. It was founded by Russian Federation Presidential Decree No.
  • SDM-Bank Chooses Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS and PRIMERGY Servers
    SDM-Bank features in the top 100 Russian banks in terms of profitability. In 2013 the agency Fitch Ratings raised its rating from “B” to “B+” (stable). SDM-Bank has 13 departments in Moscow and the Moscow Region and nine branches in cities around Russia.
  • CTTI Makes Fujitsu a Technology Partner
    The Centre de Telecomunicacions i Tecnologíes de la Informació (CTTI) is a public company created by the Catalan Government with responsibility for strategy, centralized purchasing, management and supply for information and communications technology (ITC) solutions for the Catalan Government.
  • Innovative biometric personal identification with Fujitsu PalmSecure at Ferencváros Soccer Club
    The Ferencváros Soccer Club in Budapest, Hungary was founded in 1899 and its new stadium was built in 2014, to host not only the team’s national league games but also international level games. The 23,000 seat stadium is equipped with the latest technologies and is one of the most modern in Europe.
  • KRONES uses ETERNUS High End and ETERNUS CS800 Systems
    Every day, millions of bottles, cans and special-shaped containers are handled on Krones lines. This is mainly for breweries, the soft-drinks sector and for producers of wines and spirits, but also for the food and luxury-goods industries and the chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.
  • AOK Uses FlexFrame and PRIMERGY Blade Server Technology
    Arbeitsgemeinschaft AOK-Rechenzentrum Bremen/Lower Saxony performs exhaustive data center services for the employees of the two AOK health insurance providers that cover Bremen and Lower Saxony.
  • Central Bank of Ireland implements Microsoft SharePoint sites with Fujitsu
    The Central Bank of Ireland provides financial regulation and banking oversight to the Republic of Ireland.
  • Universidad De Granada Installs Fujitsu PRIMERGY Servers
    The University of Granada (UGR) was founded in 1531 and continues a long teaching tradition that links with that of the Madrasa of the last Nasrid Kingdom. It has five campuses and a sixth one under construction, which is about to be inaugurated (PTS – Health Sciences Technology Park), in the city of Granada (Spain), plus another two campuses in Ceuta and Melilla (Spain), in North Africa.
  • Università Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore Outsources Infrastructure Management
    Five campuses, 12 faculties, over 40,000 students and 4,000 teaching staff. This summarizes the numbers involved at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, the largest non-state university in Europe.
  • KSPG AG Chooses Fujitsu HPC Solution
    KSPG AG is the holding company of the Rheinmetall Group’s automotive division. A global automotive supplier, KSPG’s expertise in air supplies, emission reductions and pumps, as well as the development, production and provision of replacement parts for pistons, engine blocks and friction bearings, means that it enjoys leading positions in the relevant markets.
  • AEGON Group Upgrades IT Infrastructure and Devices
    The AEGON capital group is a world-renowned specialist in life insurance, pensions, and savings and investment products. It also offers some banking services, and operates in the accident and health insurance sector. AEGON has 40 million customers in more than 20 countries in America, Europe and Asia. It has 27,500 employees and revenues of almost 1 billion Euros per annum.
  • Rush Memorial Hospital Selects ETERNUS SAN for Great Expandability
    In 1892, Dr. John Sexton founded the first hospital in Rushville, one of the first in Southern Indiana. The present Rush Memorial Hospital was then opened in 1950 and has since undergone a series of extensions.
  • University Campus Suffolk selects Fujitsu CELSIUS workstations
    University Campus Suffolk (UCS) is a new kind of higher education institution that allows students to access the knowledge and resources of its two validating universities, the University of East Anglia and the University of Essex, as well as local colleges and the wider community.
  • GNARUM turns to Fujitsu for SAP HANA solution
    GNARUM develops applied technology solutions for the energy sector to allow producers, operators and traders to optimize the management of their energy assets, improving their functionality and daily productivity in the electricity markets.
  • BPBD DKI Jakarta Uses Fujitsu DIMS to Help With Disaster Mitigation
    DKI Jakarta Regional Disaster Management Agency (Badan Penanggulangan Bencana Daerah – BPBD DKI Jakarta) is a disaster management agency established in February 2011 under the Regional Governor’s authority. The Regional Secretary is the ex officio Head Officer of BPPD, reporting to the Governor.
  • Toyota Australia Transforms End User Computing With Fujitsu
    Toyota Australia needed to transform its End User Computing platform, migrating from a heterogeneous operating system environment to one consolidated on Windows 7.
  • TECTEO Updates Data Centers With Fujitsu
    TECTEO Group is an industrial group that pursues a dynamic and diversified policy in the energy and telecommunications sectors in Wallonia and Brussels. The group’s strategy is expressed through four brands: RESA specializes in the management of electricity and gas distribution networks in the Province of Liège; VOO is the main telecom operator for the whole of Wallonia and parts of Brussels; TECTEO Invest maintains the company’s financial investments in other companies; and TECTEO Energy is dedicated to the development of new projects in the renewable energy sector.
  • Institute of Art, Design and Technology uses Fujitsu workstations
    The Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT) was founded in 1997 and currently has over 3,000 full time students and staff. Its core mission is to be the leading Irish educator for the knowledge, media and entertainment sectors – linking creativity, technology and enterprise.
  • Data Continuity Group Implements Fujitsu vShape
    Data Continuity Group (DCG) has been a leading provider of Data Management and Protection solutions and services for well over a decade. Headquartered in Bracknell, the company manages data across 55 countries and is trusted by numerous organisations to protect their data throughout their entire global infrastructure.
  • PwC Germany implements ETERNUS High End Systems
    From tax optimization, to liquidity planning and process optimization, right through to stock market flotation: PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) provides advice to consolidated companies and family businesses, industrial and service-based enterprises, global players and local heroes, public authorities, associations and NGOs. In Germany, PwC is the market leader in auditing and consulting services.
  • Young Enterprise Trust deploys Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    The Young Enterprise Trust is a charitable organisation dedicated to growing a more prosperous New Zealand through enterprise. Founded in 1981, its purpose is to help the economic growth of New Zealand by providing a range of programmes and resources to schools.
  • Weta Digital Outsources its Infrastructure Services
    Weta Digital is a five-time Academy Award® winning visual effects and digital production services facility based in Wellington, New Zealand. Its reputation for creativity and delivery keeps it in high demand with some of the world’s leading film studios, and film credits include The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Avatar and The Adventures of Tintin.
  • Fujitsu’s Landmark Sustainability Collaboration with the University Alliance
    In 2009, three of Victoria’s leading tertiary institutions, the University of Melbourne, Monash University and RMIT University (the Alliance), instigated an innovative collaboration to develop a shared data centre that would make a significant contribution to reducing costs and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.