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High Availability (BS2000)

Availability for the IT infrastructure

Permanent availability of business processes and of the IT processes supporting them has become a key success factor for companies. In other words, network access points should never fail, servers never stand idle, and data never is inaccessible. The IT response to these high availability requirements is network, server and data redundancy, and mechanisms that use this redundancy to bypass local failures.

HIPLEX (highly integrated system complex) is the Fujitsu concept for supporting a load and availability-sharing cluster consisting of several BS2000 business servers. We also call each multi-server configuration having the attributes of one of the aforementioned cluster types a HIPLEX.


This is the cluster concept to support an availability, operational and load network with several BS2000/OSD Business Servers.


Offers the option of mirroring disk drives in the BS2000 via doubled I/0 events