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Comfort Sensor CS300

With Fujitsu’s Comfort Sensor CS300 you can increase comfort and security in your daily work life. The CS300 is a small USB device which is able to detect user presence with the two IR sensors on the front of the system. This device automatically sets your display on standby when leaving your workplace, protecting your display from unauthorized viewers. When you arrive back at your desk, it can wake up the display or even the entire system, depending on your settings.

Technical details

Required interfaceUSB
Weight51 g
Dimensions (W x D x H)50 x 33 x 41 mm
Technical specificationPower consumption max. 100 mA at 5 V DC,Detection range max. 1.5 m / 150 degrees,Blue status LED flashes if a movement is detected,Wakeup switch (on/off mode),Configuration only over OS Power Option settings
Features and functionsSimple and intuitive design,No driver installation
Supported operating systemsWindows 8.1,Windows 8,Windows 7,Windows® XP
Warranty period1 year (for countries in EMEIA)
Warranty typeBring-In / Send-In Service (depending on country)