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Secure Thinking

Emerging IT trends give businesses a competitive edge.
They also potentially expose them to new cyber threats.
So how do you allow your organization to thrive while keeping it secure?

New threats call for new ideas

Cloud computing, Internet of Things, and software-defined networking, among others, have ushered in a new era of IT. Yet these are relatively new technologies and the security implications are not yet fully understood. In fact, the rapid time to market of many of these services means there is little time to respond with appropriate security measures. On top of this, new laws designed to protect individuals and data (such as GDPR) only increase the pressure to get security right.

So how should the enterprise deal with such a fluid security situation?

After 40 years in the field of IT security, Fujitsu believes the answer lies in intelligence-led security. This is a new way of understanding, monitoring, and responding to threats. It is also the most effective when fully integrated across the lifecycle of any IT activity. Highly versatile, it gives organizations the ideal response to constantly shifting security challenges.

Use this site to learn more about intelligence-led security. Read expert insight on emerging security challenges. Discover the implications for your data, the role of Shadow IT, and the new forms of incidents. And then get involved in the discussion.

Fujitsu is a world leading IT services provider with over 40 years of heritage of protecting business information. This experience has led us to develop an unrivalled portfolio of intelligence-led security products, services, and solutions.

Selected highlights:

Unbeatable biometric authentication with PalmSecure™

Leading-edge biometric authentication that uses vein pattern recognition to identify individuals, offering a higher level of accuracy and versatility across any use cases.

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