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Usługi centrum danych

Dopasowanie centrum danych do firmy

Wiele organizacji IT stoi przed licznymi wyzwaniami dotyczącymi centrum danych: zapewnienie właściwych poziomów obsługi IT użytkownikom, stworzenie infrastruktury IT zapewniającej szybką obsługę nowych inicjatyw biznesowych, redukcja kosztów operacyjnych, obniżenie wpływu na środowisko i zagwarantowanie zgodności IT z przepisami i regulacjami. Te cele mogą być trudne do osiągnięcia bez specjalistycznej pomocy.

Oferujemy pomoc w realizacji celów. Nasze praktyczne porady pomogą wyznaczyć najlepszą drogę naprzód w oparciu o doświadczenie jednego z największych na świecie dostawców usług z zakresu centrów danych.

Na każdym etapie podróży nasze zasoby będą gotowe, aby uzupełnić wiedzę klienta. Współpracujemy w zakresie optymalizacji infrastruktury IT, centrów kontroli IT oraz centrów danych. Możemy także zarządzać systemami IT i centrami danych klienta w celu zapewnienia wymaganych poziomów usług i efektywności.

Dlaczego warto powierzyć firmie Fujitsu zarządzanie centrum danych?

  • Jako czołowy dostawca na świecie, mamy tysiące doświadczonych specjalistów z zakresu infrastruktury IT, zarządzania IT i obsługi centrów danych. 
  • Nasze zespoły projektowe przekształciły setki centrów danych, centrów kontroli IT i wiele tysięcy systemów IT. 
  • Dysponujemy centrami kontroli IT na całym świecie, zarządzamy systemami IT w centrach danych klientów i serwerowniach, zapewniając właściwe połączenie lokalnej wiedzy, automatyzacji i efektywności rozwiązań offshore. 
  • Mamy 13 strategicznych centrów danych, ponad 40 krajowych centrów danych i 7 zaufanych centrów technologii Cloud, które obejmują każdy region świata i służą klientom we wszystkich większych krajach.

Data Center Outsourcing

Transforming the Service with Data Center Outsourcing

Data is the lifeblood of your business, but it also presents a risk. When you outsource to Fujitsu you can entrust transformation to a partner who can not only increase the resilience of your Data Center, but totally modernize it.

Using a mix of global and regional delivery, we’ll integrate your existing assets into a future facing service fabric where virtualization, consolidation and the re-platforming of applications combine to create a cost effective service with the flexibility to meet your business needs – even as they change.

Remote Infrastructure Management

Complement Your Own Capabilities with Remote Infrastructure Management

The freedom to exploit cloud to the full opens up new possibilities for expansion. But sometimes growth itself can pose a problem – especially for multi-site and multinational organizations already facing issues with the complexity of their IT environments.

Fujitsu ease the pressure on your in-house team, remotely managing both virtualized and traditional infrastructure either from your premises, a third party site or one of our 150+ world-class data centers positioned around the globe. So whatever the level of service you require, you can meet your business needs while simultaneously reducing costs.

Managed Hosting or Co-Location

Find Room to Grow with Managed Hosting or Co-Location 

With Fujitsu you never need be held back by the capacity of your data center. Whenever you require more resource, we can provide the virtual and physical hardware you need, attaching it to the precise tier of storage you require allowing for maximum cost effectiveness.

Alternatively, our co-location service allows you to retain control of system management while continuing to benefit from the rapid availability of additional cloud, storage, networks and other end user services. And that means you can effect rapid change as the situation demands, whether you’re expanding to new sites or reducing costs.

Fujitsu Digital Business Platform MetaArc

Innovate and Modernize with MetaArc

With our extensive cloud services portfolio, both from Fujitsu and other vendors, we can modernize and migrate your data center services while integrating them with non-cloud services, all without compromizing security, compliance or performance. That means you move from capital expenditure to operational expenditure, minimizing the risks associated with chasing new opportunities and increasing the speed with which you can pursue them.

And with Fujitsu Cloud solutions, you can choose from a variety of platforms or even a mix of public, private and hosted clouds – both from Fujitsu and third party vendors. Whatever you choose you have the assurance of knowing where all your data is at any one time and, using our ‘Backup-as-a-Service’, you can place store and optimize backup data for rapid recovery.

More on MetaArc.

Multi-cloud Management

Reduce the Cost of Managing Hybrid IT with the FUJITSU Cloud Services Management

When business units can bring in the cloud services they need to achieve their goals without being restricted by considerations of governance, data management or security matters innovation thrives.

With FUJITSU Cloud Services Management your IT department can become the enabler of this freedom, managing cloud deployments within a consistent, low risk framework – even as new business processes develop. And without the expense of complexity to contend with, you could lower operational management costs by up to 70%.

Map of Data Center Locations

Why choose Fujitsu to manage your data center?

  • The scale and scope of our offering means we’re able to offer a solution that maximizes efficiencies right across your organization, whether it is full data center outsourcing, a range of data center managed services, the provision of trusted cloud services, or a combination of the above.
  • As a leading global provider, we have thousands of experienced professionals around the world – providing a blend of local knowledge, automation and offshore efficiencies.
  • Our project team have transformed hundreds of data centers as well as thousands of IT systems – all within the context of our hybrid IT vision.
  • We have over 160 data centers and more than 25 trusted cloud Data Centers spanning every region of the world and serving customers in all sectors and all major countries.
  • Our blended approach of offshore and onshore resources can be tailored to deliver an emphasis on savings, customer intimacy and risk reduction in accordance with your priorities.