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PAN Manager DCIM Solution

Your fast track to business continuity

The Egenera PAN Manager is a comprehensive data center infrastructure management (DCIM) and enables to provision, manage and protect your IT infrastructure. The software provides powerful management and policy-based automation so that IT can offload routine management tasks, freeing the IT staff and improving the service levels delivered back to the business.

It simplifies datacenter infrastructure and management by creating flexible pools of compute, I/O, networking and storage resources. This makes it simple for administrators to create and deploy exactly the resources needed to support even the most complex, multi-tier applications. Whether that is a full physical server to host a critical database or a virtual server to run a Web application, PAN Manager’s VMI technology gives you one click provisioning of both physical and virtual servers – without the need to separately license, pay for and manage a hypervisor. From the PAN Manager GUI, individual resources from these pools can be assigned a profile or “personality”. Each profile contains the application configuration and service level requirements. The software’s powerful discovery, server creation, HA and DR facilities provide a wire-once, always-on environment that supports both virtualized as well as native operating environments.

Your benefits:

  • Flexibility to react to business change with stateless server profiles that can configured with only a few mouse clicks and across multiple platforms 
  • Improved service levels and business continuity with integrated N+1 hardware failover and a single automated recovery plan 
  • Lower capital- and licensing costs with integrated Virtual Machine Instance (VMI) capability. In case of DR configuration , the secondary site does not require the same configuration neither additional application software licenses 
  • Lower operational expense with easy and unified infrastructure management