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- World Tour 2015 : Fujitsu Polska

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Realtime Technology AG is the leading, one-stop-provider of high-end software, consulting and creative services in professional 3D visualization. Under the brand name 3DXCITE (formerly RTT), the company opens up creative freedom to deliver emotional assets for digital, interactive marketing and sales experiences. From consulting, through workflow, to final visualization assets, 3DXCITE transforms engineering data into powerful visual experiences, which we call engineered excitement, and acts as strategic partner to its customer base in the automotive, aerospace and consumer goods industries. Realtime Technology AG was founded 1999 in Munich and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2005. At the beginning of 2014, Dassault Systèmes acquired the majority stake of the company. 3DXCITE currently employs 770 staff at 15 offices worldwide. a new window

Fujitsu Forum 2015

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