With the all-flash storage systems from Fujitsu, we have a fail-safe, highly available, mirrored cluster that provides reliable and stable IT storage for our critical data.

Andre Ifland, System Administrator Warsteiner Brewery
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Warsteiner Brewery

A reliable storage cluster at Warsteiner Brewery


Warsteiner Brewery is one of the largest private breweries in Germany. Founded in 1753, it has been in the family for nine generations. The Warsteiner Group includes the Herforder Brewery, Frankenheim Brewery, Paderborner Brewery and a holding in König Ludwig Schlossbrauerei. Warsteiner actively markets its products in over 50 countries around the world.


The storage infrastructure at Warsteiner Brewery was outdated and needed to be completely replaced. The poor performance of the existing systems meant that they could no longer meet the growing demands.


Fujitsu brought Warsteiner Brewery’s storage architecture up to speed with two ETERNUS AF250 all-flash systems. The storage cluster ensures maximum availability, stability and reliability, thanks to fast and powerful all-flash storage technology and PRIMERGY RX servers of the next generation.


  • Highly available storage cluster for fail-safe systems
  • IT storage for critical production data and application data
  • Fast and powerful all-flash storage technology
  • Improved SAP system performance
  • Response times reduced by 50 percent
  • High storage capacity, even without data deduplication and compression

Download Full Case Study PDF

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