European supermarkets could save up to €80bn every year by following the lead of a Fujitsu customer who integrated cameras with barcode scanners, to provide a low cost solution to reduce fraud.

Supermarket spokesperson
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Supermarket Retailer

This leading European hypermarket chain is deploying FUJITSU AI-based Fraud Prevention to eliminate self-checkout fraud, potentially saving millions of Euros.

The customer

This European multi-national retailer is one of the largest hypermarkets in the world with over 12,000 outlets in over 30 countries.


This leading retailer, in common with many others, uses self-checkouts to provide convenience to customers, however, these can be subject to fraudulent transactions, estimated to cost the industry up to €80bn annually. It wanted to find a solution that would minimize the potential for fraud while seamlessly integrating with existing services.


The company has trialled FUJITSU AI-based Fraud Prevention, which uses inexpensive cameras fitted to existing checkouts, to take multiple photos of each scanned item and compare it to an extensive dataset in milliseconds, using sophisticated AI to determine the product based on weight, size, color and brand.


  • The retail industry as a whole stands to save €80bn per year through fraud prevention
  • The burden of monitoring self-checkouts no longer falls on employees
  • Integrating the cameras, barcode scanner and back-end host PC is simple and cost-effective
  • The solution can also be used in the warehouse to create greater efficiencies across the retail supply chain

Download Full Case Study PDF

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