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Virgin Media Chooses Fujitsu to Help to Provide Engineering Services

"Fujitsu are representing the Virgin brand. They are delivering the Virgin Media experience to our customers"

Jon James, Executive Director Broadband, Virgin Media

The customer

Virgin Media were the pioneers of high speed internet in the UK, launching the first form of broadband back in the year 2000 and they have been committed to faster speeds and better service ever since.

They are unique in the UK Media industry through being the first “quadruple-play” media company, providing a full range of services for both businesses and customers: from fixed and mobile telephone to television and broadband. They own and operate their own fibre-optic cable network, the only such national cable network in the UK.

The challenge

The installation of Virgin Media services and products is the beginning of the customer journey and one of the first touch points with the Virgin Media brand.

Virgin Media wanted their customers to have a seamless experience from the get go. This meant robust transition planning of the transfer and recruitment of more than 1,000 technicians was vital, both technically and through supporting the customer journey. Virgin Media needed a partner that could guarantee core technical expertise and an outstanding experience for its customers.

The solution

Fujitsu had a proven track record of providing Virgin Media with innovative and efficient solutions, having already supplied network engineering and business installation services as well as providing cabinet and business Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) solutions. Fujitsu responded to Virgin Media’s requirements with a compelling and competitive proposal and now supports Virgin Media in its residential and business installations and helps provide engineering services. The multi-year contract began in March 2011, with Fujitsu‘s Transition Team ensuring a seamless integration of Fujitsu services over the first few weeks.

Fujitsu is playing an integral part in Virgin Media’s commitment to a great customer experience throughout the Join Journey and beyond. Fujitsu technicians work in partnership with Virgin Media to deliver an outstanding installation experience to customers in Scotland, North East England and Northern Ireland. Fujitsu also helps Virgin Media to streamline its post-install operational processes by providing residential and network engineering support in the ever evolving digital home and business environment.

In any given day, Fujitsu is representing the Virgin Media brand by delivering service in over 4,000 homes and 400 businesses whilst covering the national network asset through networks civils, fibre optic cabling, equipment installation and services at over 300,000 street cabinets.

The benefit

Fujitsu now supports Virgin Media in delivering an outstanding customer experience, providing core expertise and a real understanding of the Virgin Media brand.

As Virgin Media Executive Broadband, Jon James, says:

“The relationship with Fujitsu is one of those pillars of Virgin Media’s digital ambition. Fujitsu is absolutely on the front line of delivering what the Virgin brand sets out to do in people’s digital lives.”

Fujitsu provides a level of service that Virgin Media trust:

“Fujitsu are representing the Virgin brand. They are delivering the Virgin Media experience to our customers. That means not just the technical experience, not just the processes, but the customer experience, the relationship and the behaviours in the home.”


Download the Virgin Media case study (364 KB/A4, 2 pages)