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Kanto Gakuin University moves to Fujitsu Cloud environment

"The private cloud environment was established by leveraging Fujitsu's implementation know-how. The new infrastructure will allow us to transit from a cost-center to a true service provider service provider."

Kunio Saito Operation Manager, Information Technology Center, Kanto Gakuin University


Kanto Gakuin University, located in Yokohama, was established in 1884 as a base for Christianity to cultivate tolerance and provide education for highly talent highly talented people. With a long history of tradition, the education system is well known for providing quality development to individuals with ability and potential. In 2013, the university planned to enhance their presence by adding three departments: Nursing, Engineering Science and Construction & Environment. This was in addition to the current 5 research courses and 12 general courses available across 10 subjects of 5 departments.


  • A need to improve education and back office ICT management
  • Unmanaged server growth causing security and power consumption problems and uncontrolled investment
  • Difficulty in administration of virtual machines
  • Limited time and budget


  • Fully certified cloud environment selected to save time and money
  • Consolidation of physical servers to prevent uncontrolled investment
  • Power control of virtual machines to enable power saving
  • Centralized administration solution to create operational efficiency


  • Reduced risk through preconfigured secure environment
  • Reduced investment through centralized administration
  • Efficient allocation of virtual machines - from 2 business days to 30 minutes
  • Prompt installation during Spring vacation saved time and cost
  • Flexible support for multi-platform virtual OS
  • Reduced design and configuration costs by 40%