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Fujitsu GDC Łódź

Your global journey starts here!

Service Desk and Shared Service Centre

RIM and R&D

Service Desk



Shared Service Centre

  • Get a few details about the company before the interview
  • Appropriate dress code
  • Showing up on time (check the address before!)
  • Keep the eye contact
  • Avoid ‘dead fish hand’
  • You will not be given a second chance to make the first impression - they say it is the first 20 seconds, the first 20 words, the first 20 gestures that have the biggest on the way you are perceived by a recruiter
  • Smile (but avoid laughing out loud a lot)
  • Listen carefully to the questions
  • Answer directly to the questions
  • Keep your answers clear, straight to the point but thorough and with all the required details