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Fujitsu GDC Łódź


How long does it take to obtain the documents necessary to join Fujitsu?
If you are based in Poland about a month, if you are overseas up to 2 months

Who covers the cost?
Administrative fees regarding Fujitsu employment are covered by the company.

What documents I should bring to Poland?
  • University/ high school diploma
  • Work certificates (preferably in English)
  • If applicable- marriage- and/ or child birth certificate
Does Fujitsu offer support for relocation?
As we have many native speakers working in our company we can liaise you with people who have already found an accommodation in £ódŸ, so some of them may be looking for a flatmate.
In case of any problems with finding your place in £ódŸ our HR colleagues are willing to help, but we do not provide a relocation package.

Here is some useful info on the cost of living in our city which you can compare to those at your place. a new window a new window a new window