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There are no rules when it comes to planning careers. What is important is that you choose a career path which enables you to achieve your personal career aspirations within the context of your personal motivations, wider life goals and the market place.

There may be hidden opportunities to gain further skills and knowledge in the current position by taking on additional challenges: special projects, additional responsibilities, providing job cover, cross training or our internal trainings .

There is an annual Performance Appraisal Dialogue with your direct manager on the subject of your last year’s achievements and upcoming goals.

PDP (Personal Development Plan) is individually tailored and describe objectives and activities for the employee’s career development. Employees benefit, because implementing a PDP helps them enhance their knowledge, skills, and experiences. Improved competencies help them achieve personal and career goals both inside of and external to the organization.

When you are on board and familiar with your duties and performing within your current role, you can talk with your manager for review and feedback.

Vertical or lateral

It may be time to consider a move into more senior role (Vertical) by taking part in Assessment Centers or move "sideways" to a position with different professional content often helps to broaden or deepen an individual’s range of skills, knowledge and job satisfaction (Lateral).

Lateral choices one may take consist of switching to more advanced technical areas, like:

  • Programming/testing (R&D)
  • Infrastructure Management (RIM)
  • Financial services (SSC)

To facilitate those, we offer Personal Development Plans supported by Line Management.

In technical areas (RIM and R&D) further development is significantly supported by individualized plans with external certified trainings in area of expertise/interest/business need.

Virtual Training Team
  • Induction training for the new employees
  • Virtual Training Team (VTT)
  • On-the-job training often provided by international team
  • Language courses according to business need
  • eLearning platform available with a range of sessions -around 4 thousand subjects including Microsoft, CISCO, Citrix, Linux Professional Institute, Oracle, ITIL®, PRINCE2®
  • internal classroom training on soft skills (time management, communications, etc.) and technical skills (IT)