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Fujitsu GDC Łódź

Textorial Park
Fujitsu GDC Office in Lodz

Textorial Park is part of Lodz Special Economic Zone (one of 14 designated areas of this kind in Poland).
It constitutes a set of office buildings - a mixture of modern and historic architecture - reopened in 2009 at Fabryczna Street in Lodz.
Central part of the complex is an old Scheibler’s Cotton Warehouse, now restored to its original beauty.
It was designed by Hilary Majewski - City Architect in years 1872-1892, who set a tone for the whole city and created a unique outline for the city structure and architecture, still visible today.
Revitalized warehouse, together with a set of surrounding modern office spaces, creates and unforgettable mixture of old-fashioned and contemporary making it an excellent place to work in.