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Fujitsu Software Image Management Service

We will load your custom software image onto your Fujitsu notebooks or Tablet PCs. After acceptance testing in your working environment, all units will be loaded with the assurance the image operates reliably and effectively on your new Fujitsu products.


Why needlessly burden your IT staff with the tedious task of copying a master file image (MFI) to all of your new systems? When you use the Fujitsu Software Image Management Service, your busy IT staff can focus on more important issues. This service configures your systems to “ready-to-go” status out of the box, allowing increased productivity while augmenting the return on your hardware investment.


  • Fujitsu systems engineers will work on-site with your IT team to develop a customized software image based on your unique requirements
  • Quality assurance testing on the software image either at our facilities or at your site to verify the image is good prior to volume loading
  • The Fujitsu factory will load all units with your final “gold” image
  • The master or "gold" image can be extended to units requiring services
Fujitsu Custom Master File Image Fact Sheet (770 KB)