Network Automation

Ecosystems of Opportunity

Virtualization and automation are beginning to revolutionize service delivery, operations, management and maintenance, often by dramatically reducing the time and labor needed for common procedures. Software-driven, open-source, automated network technology is an evolutionary direction with tantalizing benefits for network operators and their customers.

Network automation not only cuts cost and complexity, it can also open up new revenue sources, for example by enabling new types of service offerings such as on-demand or self-serve bandwidth upgrades and virtual firewalls. Using automated “self-healing” capabilities and advanced performance monitoring and analytics, operators can improve resiliency and security, perform more accurate fault diagnostics and speed up repair when service is disrupted. All in all, network automation improves customer experience while reducing operational costs.

Fujitsu brings a wide range of expertise to network virtualization:

  • Consultancy
  • Custom software development
  • Systems integration
  • Network management and maintenance

Enabling Network Transformation with Scalable, Modular Solutions



  • Complete lifecycle service orchestration across network and compute resources



  • Improved user experience with analytics and AI


Network Control & Automation

  • Multivendor, multilayer service provisioning and management for wireline and wireless networks

A Rich Portfolio for the Network Automation Revolution

SDN/NFV Solutions

SDN/NFV Solutions
Evaluate your options or plan your SDN/NFV network.


Disaggregation. The key to the open, agile, plug-and-play network.


Virtuora Software Suite (Video)
Virtuora Ecosystem integrated software for virtualized, programmable networks.


What is a MicroApplication? (Video)
Fujitsu microapplications are focused software solutions that help you keep pace with fast-changing demands.

Expert Insights Blog

Expert Insights (Blog)
ONAP: Riding the open-source wave towards network automation.

Accelerate Toward the Conscious Network

Migration of network architectures to virtual and hybrid cloud environments is ushering in opportunities to reduce costs, increase flexibility and improve revenue with innovative new services.

Yet this evolution also introduces significant changes in the way that networks are designed, deployed and managed. Fujitsu network control management software, technology solutions and services provide a solid foundation for building resilient, automated networks capable of self-repair and on-demand, pay-as-you-grow scalability.

Leveraging an open ecosystem and disaggregated platform, Fujitsu solutions for network control and automation enable you to take advantage of new, innovative opportunities while delivering consistent service quality and reliability.

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