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A new retail world is emerging where technology connects and interlinks everyone and everything. Today’s customers expect their in-store and online experiences to match, and retailers must adapt and become truly connected if they are to keep pace with rising demand for a consistent customer experience delivered through multiple touchpoints and channels.

At Fujitsu, we understand the retail environment in which you operate and the need for reliability, agility, and flexibility. We develop and deliver innovative solutions for retail that future-proof customer experiences in an omni-channel world. Our Connected Retail solutions are focused on enabling you to:

  • improve your customer's experiences
  • increase your efficiency
  • grow your business

The Forgotten Shop Floor: The rise of the digital high street

From enhancing efficiency to improving productivity and delivering a more compelling customer experience, the successful deployment of in-store technology can deliver a range of benefits to high street retailers.

In our research report - the rise of the digital high street, we questioned 1,000 consumers and 1,000 staff from major UK retailers about their experiences of in-store technology. We learned a great deal about the factors that thrill and frustrate customers when it comes to physical retail. With our report findings, we offer insight as to where in-store technology is failing to meet customer needs, the benefits of getting in-store technology right, and predictions of the future for high street stores.

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Meet our retail experts

Ray Caul

Head of Retail Americas

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Paul Burel

Retail Product Consulting Director

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Rowan Cape

Vice President, Global Retail Software Solutions

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John Parsons

Retail Solution Engineer Team Manager

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Paul Kennedy

Head of Retail Industry

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Celine Rasborn

VP Retail Product Management and Operations

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