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Fujitsu PalmSecure®

As organizations search for more secure authentication methods for data access, physical access and general security, many are turning to biometrics. Biometrics is gaining attention as a reliable, highly accurate and efficient method of confirming a person's identity.

Organizations have experimented with various biometrics solutions for human identification such as recognition of eyes, faces, fingerprints, voice and signatures. But tests show that even these solutions are vulnerable to counterfeit and theft.

Introducing PalmSecure®

PalmSecure® is a cutting edge authentication system using biometric technology that identifies users on based on vein pattern recognition rather than iris scanners or fingerprint readers. As veins are internal and have a wealth of differentiating features, attempts to forge an identity are extremely difficult, thereby enabling a high level of security.

Why PalmSecure for Security?

False Acceptance Rate

PalmSecure® features industry-leading authentication accuracy. This means the likelihood of authenticating someone who is not an authorized user, is extremely low.

  • Vein patterns are unique to individuals and contain detailed characteristics for formulation of algorithm template. The sensor of the palm vein device can only recognize the pattern if the deoxidized haemoglobin is actively flowing within the individual's veins.
  • Contactless authentication is hygienic and non-invasive, thus promoting high-level of user acceptance.
  • Advanced authentication algorithm produces a higher level of accuracy than fingerprint or iris.
  • Technology based on more than two decades of Fujitsu image recognition experience.

Awards and Recognition

Fujitsu PalmSecure® Selected as a "World Changing Idea" by Scientific American Magazine


Hughes Federal Credit Union wins national technology award for its biometric system


PalmSecure® named a finalist by SC Magazine Awards 2015 Europe


PalmSecure Applications Video

How PalmSecure works

PalmSecure by Fujitsu is an authentication system that utilizes the latest in biometric security technology. Answering a worldwide need from governments to the private sector, PalmSecure is a contactless, palm-vein device offers an easy-to use, hygienic solution for verifying identity.

How PalmSecure can be used

The opportunities to implement palm vein technology span a wide range of vertical markets, including security, financial/banking, healthcare, commercial enterprises and educational facilities.