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Storage Services

Let our service professionals assist you in developing and deploying storage solutions that will help maximize your existing resources and return on your IT investment.

ETERNUS® DX Deployment Service

Provides the expertise to quickly and efficiently configure your storage system for the shortest path possible to accessing and exploiting your storage resources.

More Information on ETERNUS® DX Deployment Service

ETERNUS SAN Architecture Service

Confidently deploy a well defined Storage Area Network architecture to cost-effectivly improve storage efficiency, high availability, and scalability.

More Information on ETERNUS SAN Architecture Service

ETERNUS Advanced Copy Manager Implementation Service

Safeguard your data the right way by properly managing your back-up protocols that assist in the safe keeping of your valuable data.

More Information on ETERNUS Advanced Copy Manager Implementation Service

ETERNUS Storage Systems Design Service

Provides a design recommendation for application backup and replication based on the comprehensive results from the ETERNUS Assessment services and consultations with Fujitsu professional Services utilizing Fujitsu best practices.

More Information on ETERNUS Storage Systems Design Service

Data Migration Services

Perform an extensive analysis of your current storage environment and implement the most secure, efficient, and cost-effective method of migrating your data to a new environment.

More Information on Data Migration Services

Fujitsu Storage Assessment Service

Provides an analysis of components in your existing backup and replication infrastructure.

More Information on Fujitsu Storage Assessment Service