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Fujitsu to Adopt Casella Waste System’s Power of Three™ Closed Loop Recycling System

Plattsburgh Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain Facility Continues Effort to Reduce Waste

Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc.

Plattsburgh, NY, May 03, 2012

Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. (FFNA), a leader in innovative technology and front-end solutions, reaffirmed its commitment to being a leader in sustainability by joining Casella Waste Systems Power of Three™ closed loop recycling service. The Power of Three is Casella’s newest solution for its customers who are intent on bringing a new meaning to the term “zero-waste.”

The Power of Three is premised off of picking up a customer’s recycling, processing that recycling into new products, and then providing those products back to the customer in the form of new hand towels, tissue paper, and toiletry items. Fujitsu’s program is accomplished through a partnership with Casella, Foley Distributing, and SCA paper that redefines closed-loop recycling.

Fujitsu was the first in Clinton County to combine the Power of Three™ with Casella’s Zero-Sort® program. With Zero-Sort®, all Fujitsu’s paper, plastic, glass, and metal are combined together in one single container. Casella’s Zero-Sort processing facility located in Rutland, VT mechanically sorts all of the material. Once sorted, the baled paper will travel just 45 miles to the SCA plant in Glens Falls, New York to be made into 100% recycled paper content products that will then be delivered back to Fujitsu by Foley Distributing.

Businesses that have converted over to Zero-Sort® typically see a 20-40% or more improvement in their recycling efforts. This typically saves them money on disposal costs, time in sorting, and streamlines their collection processes internally. Using Zero-Sort® Fujitsu has incredibly reduced the amount of waste they send to the landfill from 52% of their waste stream to only 3%. Aiming to improve, Fujitsu implemented Zero-Sort® bags in April 2012. Shrink wrap is collected in bags and put in the Zero-Sort® container. These Zero-Sort® bags help to recycle material that would have normally been thrown out as waste, pioneering yet another move toward a zero-waste facility.

“Fujitsu is very excited to be part of the Zero-Sort® Recycling Program and now The Power of Three Program with Casella Waste System,” stated Terry Beyer, Plant Manager of Fujitsu Plattsburgh facility. “Working with Casella’s Power of Three system, we are on a clear path to truly reusing our waste. It is exciting to be part of such an important and impactful effort.”

Casella is very hopeful for the future of this program and the positive impact it will have on the environment and its customers. “One of our goals as a company is to help our customers ensure that as few resources as possible are wasted,” said John Casella, Chairman and CEO of Casella. “We are intent in our mission of taking the things our customers do not want and transforming them back into things that they do. Our partnership with Foley Distributing and SCA Paper allows us to do just that.”

About Fujitsu Frontech North America, Inc.

Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. brings innovative technology from Japan and, with its partners, develops powerful front-end solutions that shape how society interacts with big data. Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. is headquartered with operations and solution development at 27121 Towne Centre Drive, Foothill Ranch, CA 92610. For more information about Fujitsu products and services, call us at 800-626-4686.
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About Casella Waste Systems:

Casella Waste Systems, Inc. headquartered in Rutland, Vermont, provides solid waste, recycling and resource solutions throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania. For further information, please contact Steve McDonnell, director of sales and marketing at : 802-772-2226 or visit the company’s website at:
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About Foley Distributing Corp.:

Foley Distributing founded in 1973, occupies a 140,000 square foot facility in Rutland, Vermont. They have grown to be the market leader in the supply and delivery of recycled paper products, compostable and recyclable takeout foodservice packaging; kitchenware washing and laundry systems, hotel guest amenity items, washroom toilet tissue, paper towel and hand soap systems that reduce waste; environmentally preferred cleaning and floor care products as well as floor care and carpet care cleaning equipment sales and service. Foley has played a major role in converting hundreds of companies, schools and other facilities to sustainable, green programs that lessen their impact on the environment while improving the health and safety of their employees and building occupants. Their service area includes the entire State of Vermont, Western, Central and Southern New Hampshire, Upstate New York (including the Capital District) and Northern Massachusetts. Foley Distributing is a member of Network Services, Distribution by Design™, located in Schaumburg, Illinois, a distribution network with over $10 Billion in annual sales.

About SCA:

SCA is the world’s third-largest supplier of tissue. The company offers consumer tissue products including toilet paper, kitchen rolls, facial tissues, handkerchiefs and napkins. Products are sold both under its own and retailers’ brands to the Away-From-Home (AFH) product segment – encompassing institutions, hospitals, large workplaces, restaurants and hotels. In the United States, SCA Americas has more than 2,600 employees at 10 plant and office locations across the country.

About Fujitsu Frontech Limited

As part of the Fujitsu Group, Fujitsu Frontech Limited ties people and IT together through the development, manufacture and sale of front-end technology such as ATMs, operation branch, POS and totalizator terminals, and public display devices. Fujitsu Frontech also delivers related software, system integration and outsourcing as part of its total solutions offerings. The company supports the security sector by offering products incorporating Fujitsu's latest palm vein authentication technology, and is actively involved in the development of key technologies in various fields, with a current focus on color electronic paper and RFID systems. For more information, please visit:
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Date: May 03, 2012
City: Plattsburgh, NY
Company: Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc.