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IT Security for the Built Environment

A new battleground in a hyper-connected world
IT Security for the Built Environment
IT Transformation for the Built Environment
The Built Environment - Successful projects

A new battleground in a hyperconnected world

Within industries like construction and engineering, large amounts of data needs to be gathered and exchanged.  Data utilised in the built environment and its processes has become complex - and with this complexity comes security risks.

To operate at maximum efficiency, supply chains rely on the rapid exchange of data between your organisation and that of your suppliers. While information sharing along the supply chain brings enormous benefits in the form of asset tracking and efficiency improvements, data sharing does come with security risks. Sharing information with suppliers is now considered to be an area of major vulnerability for organisations.

Information risk management

While your organisation may have good internal security policies in place to protect your data, the question is are these policies implemented externally? 

Sharing data with your suppliers means you are open to risk, and this risk must be effectively managed to prevent supplier vulnerabilities from becoming your own.

Using technology to reduce threats and stay connected

Fujitsu has worked with large construction companies on projects such as Heathrow’s Terminal 2. We understand that sharing information is essential, however we also know that it is risky. 

Fujitsu can secure your supply chain to make it more effective and resilient. We can enable you to make supply chain risk management a normal part of your business operation. 

We deliver the solutions to:

  • detect threats within the supply chain
  • identify vulnerabilities
  • reduce data leaks
  • minimise potential risks to your information
  • protect your organisation from attack

Fujitsu - protecting your supply chain

Fujitsu is a world renowned expert in security for IT. For over 50 years we have been a supplier to the Ministry of Defence and National Security agencies. Our work in defence has enabled us to develop world class secure solutions for data sharing.

In addition to being a trusted supplier to the MOD, we have also delivered secure IT services to a range of government departments and FTSE250 companies.

Fujitsu deliver secure and agile working solutions to help you increase operational efficiency and drive cost from your supply chain.

Want to know more about Fujitsu's built environment services? Call us on +44(0) 1235 797711 or email