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Intelligent Mobility

Enabling the Future of Digital Transport
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Fujitsu digital mobility solutions - delivering a truly seamless travel experience

In today’s digital age, transport operators face a unique challenge - how to deliver a truly seamless, high quality, reliable and affordable passenger-controlled journey while using capital-intensive physical infrastructure. At Fujitsu, we believe the way to achieve this goal is through the co-creation and deployment of innovative digital transport solutions.

It’s our belief that co-creation with an expert partner is a far more effective way of developing new solutions than working in isolation. By working closely together, we can help you understand how integrating digital technology can enhance your passenger experience, lower your costs and gain insight into your passengers’ behaviour and needs.

We have experience co-creating digital solutions that have overcome the issues of regulating services and delivering a uniform experience each and every time. Our portfolio of secure, intelligence-led transportation solutions enables transport operators across sea, air, rail and road to deliver a more personalised and consistent passenger experience.

With our digital technology we connect business, technical and operations to enable operators to deliver a seamless end-to-end travel experience. We have the capability to connect every stage of your passenger’s journey – from planning and booking tickets through to the on-time arrival at your destination. Our portfolio of digital transport solutions includes:

  • Aviation Scheduling
  • Big Data Solutions for Intelligent Mobility
  • Digital Car Park Management
  • Digital Traffic Flow Management
  • Digital Customer Information Systems
  • Digital Noise and Emissions Monitoring
  • Digital Safety and Compliance
  • Digital Ticketing Solutions
  • Driver Alertness Monitoring
  • Mobile Ticketing Solutions
  • Rail Crew Rostering and Disruption Management
  • Smart and Integrated Ticketing and Loyalty Schemes

Discover more about how our passenger centric intelligent mobility solutions can unlock capacity, boost performance and enhance the travel experience.
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Transport: Where Are We Going? And How Are We Going to Get There?

Digital transformation has become an urgent priority for transport operators. It can link the back-office with the front-office to ensure that purchasing a ticket is easy and straightforward, passenger data is kept secure, and data collected can be turned into actionable insight into customer behaviour.
With the transport sector now under intense pressure to digitally transform, the question is - what priorities need to be addressed by operators to ensure that they arrive at the digital right destination?
To aid the sector on its digital journey, we questioned several digital transport industry experts. Read our report to find out how technology can be integrated to get customers from A to B at the right service and price level using capital-intense physical infrastructure.

David Waboso

Find out more about our transportation IT solutions

Rail solutions

Rail Solutions

With our tailored digital rail solutions, we are helping to shape the future of rail transport and improve the passenger travel experience. Our digital technology and solutions can help you to overcome your business challenges and expand the remits of your service.

Aviation solutions

Aviation Solutions

Working closely with airlines and airport operators, we co-create innovative digital solutions to solve industry challenges. Our aviation IT solutions can improve services, reduce costs, manage security and deliver a passenger experience fit for the digital age.

Road solutions

Road Solutions

We are a trusted technology partner within the road and highway sector and have a proven track record developing and deploying innovative digital solutions that enable intelligent mobility. We can help you to meet the challenges you face in maintaining access for road users across the UK.

Maratime solutions

Maritime Solutions

We have 40+ years of experience delivering maritime solutions to ports around the globe. Partnering with us can help you to transform, improve your efficiency, boost reliability and thrive in the digital age.

See how our customers solved their challenges

Digital Railway

Network Rail

We were invited to contribute to Network Rail’s Digital Railway programme to offer insight into how digital innovation can be used to maximise performance and unlock capacity. We directly contributed to 6 workstreams which focused on solutions for delivering improved business outcomes.

  • better service availability and less disruption
  • increase in employee productivity.
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Transport for London

For Transport for London (TfL), we were chosen as a collaborative strategic partner to design and install infrastructure to allow wireless internet access across the London Underground. We successfully rolled out WIFI to 210 stations on time and on budget.

  • enhanced passenger experience
  • enhanced employee mobility
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Heathrow Airport

For Heathrow Airport, we were chosen to develop and deploy a new high-speed, robust and flexible network to underpin the terminal’s mission critical operations. Our network solution covers 110 comms rooms, 1,700 cameras, 34,000 CAT 5 and 6 network ports and includes fibre cabling, switches, wireless LAN, IPTV and IP Telephony infrastructure.

  • proactive and flexible approach
  • keen focus on health and safety
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For Crossrail, we developed and deployed a tailored IT infrastructure solution that includes desktop devices, data centre services and helpdesk support. In addition, we were also responsible for individual projects such as the deployment of ServiceNow, a Windows 7 upgrade, and migrating the physical location of the data centre.

  • 100% availability
  • site-wide anywhere any time access to mission-critical data
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Meet our transport experts

Russell Goodenough
Russell Goodenough
Client Managing Director Transport, Fujitsu UK

Thought leader in digitising transport to create more intelligent mobility


Nial Finnegan
Nial Finnegan
BAS Offering Manager, Fujitsu UK

Practical innovator focused on using technology to solve business problems and deliver value to the transport market