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Transport IT Solutions

Transport solutions to enable Intelligent Mobility

Fujitsu is one of the largest IT service and solutions providers in the world, with proven global expertise in delivering transport innovation and Intelligent Mobility. With over 4 decades of experience working within the transport sector, we understand the market and the challenges faced.

Transportation is essential to the economic vitality of any nation, and within the UK transport operators are under constant pressure to expand capacity, reduce cost, improve the passenger experience and increase operating efficiency. Competition is fierce and passengers are demanding, which makes reliability, performance and customer engagement the over-riding priorities. Transport operators must consider complex and changing environments, and the challenges they bring, such as;

  • Capacity - the UK’s population is growing at a rapid rate, and transportation needs to keep pace with rising demand.
  • Efficiency - customer demand and expectations are high, and transport operators must find ways to continually improve services while lowering costs.
  • Sustainability – providing a sustainable transport system is vital to the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the communities served.
  • Security - from keeping passenger data safe to ensuring security on platforms, operators must digitally transform to protect their passengers.
  • Passenger centricity - putting passengers at the heart of transport, is vital in encouraging the use of public transport over less environmental alternatives such as driving.

Fujitsu IT for Intelligent Mobility

Intelligent Mobility is the convergence of digital technology, infrastructure, transport, vehicles and users, to deliver a greener, smarter and more efficient movement of people and goods. Digital technology is a significant enabler to allow transport operators to,

  • Improve access – extend how passengers can use mobility, products and services.
  • Control demand and supply – geo and time shifting demand to less congested routes.
  • Integrate – bring together systems, services and information to deliver a seamless end-to-end experience.

As experts in digital business transformation , we offer a broad range of digital solutions to help you overcome the challenges you face. Our transport solutions support the end-to-end journey of people and goods across road, rail, aviation and maritime . From providing passengers with 24/7/365 access to data and services, to solutions for reducing the environmental impact of transport construction and service operations, we have the technology and services you need.

Our purpose built digital transportation IT offerings, have been instrumental in the move towards Intelligent Mobility. We have helped customers around the world to transform their operations with our range of IT solutions, communication systems and digital enabled services. With our help our customers have been enabled to;

  • maximise operational efficiency
  • deliver a more personalised passenger experience
  • reduce costs
  • improve security

Fujitsu’s Transport IT solutions are uniquely designed to solve the individual challenges you face. Take a look at our interactive ‘Getting there with Fujitsu’ diagram to find out about all of our sector specific solutions.

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