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The Built Environment – successful projects

Case Studies
IT Security for the Built Environment
IT Transformation for the Built Environment
The Built Environment - Successful projects

Partnering with Fujitsu will bring a new dimension to your business. We believe technology is essential in remaining agile and staying ahead in an increasingly hyper-connected world. 

Fujitsu is a trusted brand, our innovation and experience in the sector has led to us to work with some of the world’s global brands. Our project successes include Heathrow T2, Gatwick and Amsterdam Airport. We have worked with many large scale construction and development companies including Balfour Beatty and Grocon

Balfour Beatty

Fujitsu was chosen by Balfour Beatty to host and manage its data.

By integrating its data onto one platform Fujitsu has enabled Balfour Beatty to:

  • increase employee productivity
  • increase efficiency and business growth
  • reduce energy consumption and associated costs


Fujitsu was commissioned by Grocon in Australia to implement a flexible new IT infrastructure. Using our smart solutions Grocon has:

  • decreased IT costs by 50% 
  • increased  business efficiency
  • simplified the support it needs

Heathrow Terminal 2 IT Infrastructure

Fujitsu developed and implemented the network infrastructure for the £2.5 billion transformation of Heathrow Terminal 2. Our 4 year partnership enabled us to be involved at every critical stage of the construction process. This close involvement meant that customer experience could be integrated at the heart of Heathrow Terminal 2 operations.

Fujitsu created an integrated network system to:

  • connect passengers and employees throughout the terminal
  • enable the terminal to remain operational 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • reduce queuing times

With the implementation of Fujitsu’s IT network infrastructure, millions of passengers now enjoy a safe, disruption free journey through Heathrow T2 every year. 

Amsterdam Airport IT Infrastructure

Airport operator The Schiphol Group appointed Fujitsu to develop a system to give employees improved work agility and flexibility.

Employees now have the ability to work wherever they want, at home, on the move or from their own device at work.

Fujitsu created an efficient and reliable new IT environment, which has benefited airlines, employees and businesses operating at the airport.

Gatwick taking to the clouds

Fujitsu was chosen to modernise Gatwick’s outdated communication system. We now deliver video, voice and instant messaging to Gatwick’s 1100 staff, 2,500 end users and commercial customers.

Implementing Fujtsu’s cloud-based model has enabled Gatwick to:

  • enhance the customer experience
  • mobilise the airport’s workforce
  • improve agility in provisioning services
  • improve productivity and business continuity
Want to know more about Fujitsu's built environment services? Call us on +44(0) 1235 797711 or email