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Ministry of Public Administration, Spain

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Photo of the Ministry of Public Administration, Spain
In June of 2007 the Government of Spain enacted Law 11/2007 which legislated the need to provide all citizens with online access to public services. This set a deadline of 31st December 2009 for all Public Administrations (central and local governments) to provide electronic methods by which citizens could access any public service and interact with the Administration.

Following the publication of the ‘Advance Plan', the Administrations all spent time automating their processes, and improving and extending the availability of public services to citizens by digitising access to them. Within this context, the Ministry of Public Administration (Ministerio de Administraciones Públicas – MAP) was already evaluating the need to develop an approach that would enable it to rationalise its administrative activities, as an essential first step towards process automation. However, once Law 11/2007 had been enacted, the redesign and simplification of the administrative procedures became essential.


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