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Included as standard with all Ultrium tape cartridges LTO-CM (Cartridge Memory)

A non-contacting memory chip (EEPROM), called LTO-CM is embedded in each LTO Ultrium tape cartridge.

  • LTO Ultrium1, 2 and 3 tape cartridges contain 4KB
  • LTO Ultrium4, LTO Ultrium5 tape cartridges contain 8KB
  • LTO Ultrium6, LTO Ultrium7 tape cartridges contains 16KB
ETERNUS LT Cartridge Memory

Each chip holds information on data locations, usage/error logs, and user areas. A radio frequency interface is used to eliminate any need for physical contacts. This provides quick reference to the cartridge's index and usage information, after being loaded into a tape drive.

As a result, information stored on the Cartridge Memory can be accessed faster and load time is minimized. It also enables fast access to and high-speed restoration from files and data sets, regardless of their location on the tape cartridge.

Product Requirements

Supported Tape Libraries LT20 S2, LT40 S2, LT60 S2, LT260, LT270 S2, LT250, LT270

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