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- World Tour 2016 : Fujitsu Russia

Why Attend?

Staying ahead in innovation: Good reasons for attending the World Tour 2015

Fujitsu executives and representatives of the IT industry share their knowledge of technologies and trends in their keynotes: Exactly what CIOs need for informed strategic decisions!

In presentations and discussion sessions Fujitsu experts highlight the opportunities and benefits to be gained from technology and process innovations: Ideas for IT managers who need to reduce the cost of IT operations while boosting service levels!

A comprehensive exhibition of products and solutions reveal how data center and client landscapes can be improved through innovation initiatives: A wide range of options for IT managers, IT architects, and administrators supporting IT modernization!

Enterprise users describe their experiences in IT project reports and best practices: Advice and ideas that IT managers and administrators can easily apply to their own IT scenarios!

Researchers from Fujitsu development departments reveal innovations with perspectives for future IT concepts and operations: Insights to support strategic decision-making for all who plan and develop IT environments!

Informal meetings enable participants to communicate openly and share their know-how and experiences: A platform for exchanging ideas at executive level, with background information for analysts and representatives of the international IT and business media.

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