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Managed Maintenance

Consolidate service contracts successfully

In heterogeneous and often complex internationally distributed environments, the hardware and software service providers need to be precisely coordinated. Fujitsu Managed Maintenance meets this challenge. It supports you in controlling the service contracts in your multi-vendor environment more efficiently, defining clear service responsibilities, coordinating maintenance services, executing them and, if requested, assuming full responsibility for seeing that the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with various vendors and service providers are fulfilled, even on a global basis.
  • Consolidate service contracts
  • Consolidate telephone numbers
  • Consolidate service reports
  • Make the invoicing of services more flexible
  • Standardize service level agreement
  • Automate asset maintenance
  • End-to-end clear service responsibilities via management from one source
  • Flexible and scalable – at any time - to fit requirements exactly
  • Handle complexity from contact administration to contract management even from a local to a global level
  • Single point of contact for all existing service contracts in a heterogeneous IT infrastructure, multi-lingual support in 26 languages, 24x7 in all time zones (follow-the-sun principle)
  • If required, single point of responsibility for all service contracts
  • Profit from the expertise and experience of Fujitsu gained in Managed Maintenance since more than 25 years in all branches with well satisfied  customers.