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Next Generation Service Desk
How can the service desk ensure it has the right approach to meet the fast-changing needs of end user and shift its role from problem solver to business enabler? While the classic ‘walk-up’ service desk will remain popular, automated service-desks processes will increasingly be absorbed as part of an end-user-centric approach to IT service management, along with a great reliance on data and analytics which have the potential to prevent problems before they arise. Our Service Desk of the Future offers people a simple, consistent, consumerized support experience, with multiple interconnected and contextualized channels , not just for IT, but for multiple business functions such as Travel, HR and Finance. We are already able to integrate Virtual Agents into our support methodology and bring them to the forefront. The result is a user experience that is more compelling than ever before.

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Fujitsu’s Service Desk of the Future is the Social Command Centre. With features such as voice biometrics and a virtual assistant the SCC empowers people to help themselves however and whenever they choose. Watch our video on the Service Desk, reimagined.

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