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Fujitsu Raises the Bar on Security with Best-in-Class Data Deletion Solution

Maarssen, May 02, 2012 Fujitsu continues to raise the bar on data security to offer its customers best-in-class Data Deletion Enterprise Solutions, announcing today a preferred partnership with WhiteCanyon, a leading provider of security software employing permanent deletion technology. Fujitsu plans to deploy this technology across its broad portfolio of IT products, services and solutions. Today this roll-out begins with Fujitsu directly reselling WhiteCanyon's product suite, including White Canyon WipeDriveTM.

Business benefits

As part of a wider commitment to driving data security and more sustainable IT, with this announcement Fujitsu now offers its customers the highest available standards in data wiping. Business customers can now easily and efficiently delete storage as required, and so avoid unintended access to data and to fulfill information security guidelines, including ISO27000. To save time and money, WipeDrive is the first and only software tool allowing the wiping of PCs, laptops, servers and storage systems delivered as a web service. WipeDrive can also be delivered by local boot at a single target system, or via Pre-boot Execution Environment (PXE) network boot serving a number of systems.

WipeDrive 6.1, which is now available via Fujitsu sales representatives in Europe, Middle East and Africa, has become a world-leader for erasing hard drives. Government agencies, US Military, and Fortune 500 companies across the world are using WipeDrive to permanently erase and wipe hard drive data. In addition to meeting stringent legal obligations, audited quality standards can also be achieved providing peace of mind by demonstrating proof of compliance – whether the corporate data held is on a company-owned device, or that of an employee, and regardless of type or manufacturer.

Supporting quotes
Rolf Kleinwächter, Senior Director Product Development Group at Fujitsu Technology Solutions:
"Fujitsu is committed to driving data security and more sustainable IT on behalf of its customers, having as we do one of the broadest portfolios of IT products, solutions and services worldwide. WhiteCanyon's enterprise-class data deletion product suite supports this aim, and we are now exploring ways to deploy WipeDrive into new business areas including cloud delivery options, maintenance, managed storage, managed workplace, and in the remarketing of Fujitsu devices."

Peter Polzer, VP Europe and Asia, WhiteCanyon:
"Around only eight per cent of all data on repurposed devices – sold laptops, gifted PCs, or reconditioned storage arrays – is deleted irreversibly. This is surprising given that passing on unwiped storage violates corporate data security obligations, for which a company's Executive Management is personally liable. WhiteCanyon – now in partnership with Fujitsu – is helping to ensure that the other 90+ per cent remains an asset and not a liability to businesses across EMEA."

Over Fujitsu

Fujitsu is wereldwijd leverancier van dynamische IT-infrastructuren, met 156.000 medewerkers die klanten in 100 landen lokaal ondersteunen. Fujitsu biedt een one stop shopping aanbod van gestandaardiseerde Fujitsu producten en diensten voor desktop en datacenter omgevingen. Op basis van de behoefte van de klant worden deze bouwstenen samengevoegd tot een bedrijfszekere IT-oplossing die past als maatwerk, zich snel kan aanpassen aan een wisselende capaciteitsbehoefte en desgewenst ook door Fujitsu gemanaged wordt. Het ontzorgen van de klant en het leveren van een maximale bijdrage aan zijn bedrijfsresultaat staan daarbij centraal.

Het hoofdkantoor van Fujitsu bevindt zich in Tokio. Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) rapporteerde een geconsolideerde omzet van 4.7 biljoen yen (US$41 miljard) voor het fiscale jaar 2016 dat eindigde op 31 maart 2016. Voor meer informatie:

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Date: 02 May, 2012
City: Maarssen