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Case Study: Kanamoto Co., Ltd.

Kanamoto Co., Ltd. - SPARC Enterprise Case Study -

Kanamoto Co., Ltd.
- SPARC Enterprise Case Study -

SPARC Enterprise improved business efficiency for Kanamoto with faster response to rental-asset management. The new system has stable performance and quick response even when under load from the 1,800 employees in the Kanamoto Group.

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System outline
Industry Rental services for construction and IT equipment, and sales of steel products
Hardware UNIX servers SPARC Enterprise M4000, M3000 and T5220
Disk Storage Systems ETERNUS4000,
Industry standard servers PRIMERGY BX620
Network servers IPCOM EX2000 LB
Software Interstage
Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition

“For a rental business like ours, every employee must have exactly the same information. The rental products database, used for checking, reservations, and product delivery must be smoothly accessible by the 1,800 employees in 280 offices across the Kanamoto Group. We have chosen SPARC Enterprise to satisfy such demands. From our experience, we understand the dependability of Fujitsu UNIX servers. In particular, SPARC64™ processors stabilize application and database performance.”

Kanamoto has a large variety of construction equipment nationally. Headquartered in Sapporo, in the northern-most prefecture of Hokkaido, it has 280 sales offices and 1,800 employees across Japan. To ensure smooth product reservation scheduling, every Kanamoto sales person needs access to exactly the same rental product’s status. To satisfy these unchanging requirements which now include its international business expansion, Kanamoto renewed its mission critical system using SPARC Enterprise in 2007.

Problems and Resolutions
1 Sharing rental product status for improved business efficiency arrow Rental products database access now swift and stable for 1,800 employees in 280 offices. Timely update of rental products status also improved Kanamoto’s business efficiency. Additionally, service interruptions for batch processing were reduced to 45 minutes from 3 hours.
2 Non-stop platform required for growing business scale both nationally and internationally arrow SPARC Enterprise and Solaris OS improved reliability of rental products database. Service interruption for data backup also removed by ETERNUS Advanced Copy functions.

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Installation background

Construction equipments business innovation system

Mr.Yuichi Takayama

In the 1960’s, the construction industry was the dynamo of Japan’s economic growth. Now some fifty years since those heady days of industry growth, Kanamoto has become one of the main players in construction equipment rental in Japan. It is also expanding its business internationally, including China. Established in 1964, Kanamoto is headquartered in Sapporo, the major city of Hokkaido.

With 400,000 different pieces of equipment in 460 different classes, Kanamoto is able to meet its customers’ broad ranging demands for construction equipment. In particular, Kanamoto is offering rental services for a variety of low environmental-impact products. Mr. Yuichi Takayama, Public Relations Manager in the President’s Office, talks about Green construction by Kanamoto. “99 per cent of our rental products conform to Japan’s environmental regulations. Low environmental impact across a wide range of products is our strength. For example, Kanamoto developed LED based light projectors to meet construction company demands for power consumption and noise reduction.

The outstanding lighting capability and ease of use of this product, garnered the President’s Award from the Kajima Corporation, a general construction company in Japan.”

Like its products, the business platforms of this innovative company also need to be innovative. Kanamoto has been using state-of-the-art systems for many years.

  • (1985) First companywide online system using a mainframe
  • (2004) System transformation to open systems using Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER
  • (2007) System renewal for performance improvement and non-stop operation

System Configuration

Installation Process

Swift and accurate service from business platform renewal

Mr. Hiroshi Kumagai

Mr. Hiroshi Kumagai, Corporate Vice President and Director of the Information Systems Department, talks about the core competency needed in Kanamoto’s business. “The essence of our business is maximum utilization of our rental products while maintaining the best business efficiency. So, we needed to share the rental products database across our company to ensure equipment status is known anytime and anywhere.”

Efficiency for rental products operation and planning is improved by having all employees share the exact same equipment information, including location, status, and due date for returning equipment. This time our system renewal targeted improved business competency from swift and accurate service delivery.

“In our industry, time to deliver services has been shortening. Actually, customers sometimes demand immediate answers. Just one second has become important to both customers and Kanamoto. To improve our service levels, we need to understand rental products status instantaneously.” Kanamoto looked for the right servers to deliver the best service to its customers.

SPARC Enterprise chosen for Fujitsu’s dependability renewal

Product photo

Mr. Kumagai talks about the main requirement of the new system - stable response times even during peak workloads. “We chose SPARC Enterprise because of its swift response to product status inquiries and rental products reservations from all the offices in the Kanamoto Group. From our experience of using 50 servers, we understood the stable performance provided by Fujitsu UNIX servers with Fujitsu SPARC64 processors and Oracle Solaris OS. That is something x86 servers are unlikely to match.”

The best blend of SPARC64 processors and Oracle Solaris OS originates the Fujitsu’s development steps – well-balanced CPU use by the OS with the resulting stable response seen at an early stage.

Kanamoto saw PRIMEPOWER as a dependable platform in their former mission critical system. So rising expectations for SPARC Enterprise were a natural consequence. Because Kanamoto had also been offering rental services for Solaris Workstation products, it was well acquainted with the high reliability of Solaris OS.

Results of System Installation

Reduced batch processing time

The system integration, including an upgrade from PRIMEPOWER, was supported by Fujitsu and HID – a major system integrator in Sapporo. Mr. Kumagai talks about the successful performance upgrade following system commencement.

“SPARC Enterprise slashed response times despite the data expansion from larger product numbers and new requirements. This included internal compliance and expansion of our sales areas. For instance, batch processing times have been slashed to 45 minutes from 3 hours.” Ease-of -use was also enhanced.

“To view rental products status, all you need is just one click. I had never experienced such a simple and swift interface with the previous system. We used Java due to its flexible user interface.” says Mr. Kumagai.

A wealth of software development expertise is one of Kanamoto’s competencies. The in-house development team is able to grasp and anticipate potential customer-demands, like faster answers, and quickly reflect them in the sales tools. Kanamoto is also further improving the efficiency and flexibility of its production system development by unifying the development environment on Fujitsu Interstage.

Mr. Kumagai talks about Kanamoto’s plans for improving system uptime. “In preparation for international business expansion, large scale projects, and operation in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, improvement to 24 hour operation was important to us. Plus, downtime for data back-up has now almost disappeared with the combination of ETERNUS Advanced Copy and Oracle Database 11g. This was one giant leap in completing the non-stop system.” For Kanamoto, lost time is lost money. In this and other requirements Fujitsu is continuing to support Kanamoto’s business development by delivering platform products and solutions including SPARC Enterprise.

Kanamoto Co., Ltd.

Head Office 3-1-9, Odori-Higashi, Chuo-Ward, Sapporo-City, Hokkaido
Established October 28, 1964
Capital 9.696 billion yen
President Kanchu Kanamoto,
President and Representative Director
Number of Employees 1,671 ( As of October 31, 2008)
Industry Construction equipment rental


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