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Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Picks PRIMEPOWER to Set Reliable IT Foundation for Long-range Vision

Southwest Airlines, the largest low-cost carrier in the U.S., certainly knows how to take care of its customers. Year after year, Rapid Rewards, the company's frequent-flyer loyalty program, has won customer favor and industry awards by being simple and generous. The server that Southwest trusts to host its Rapid Rewards database is PRIMEPOWER from Fujitsu. The airline's choice of PRIMEPOWER servers was guided as much by the future growth possibilities that the server enables as by the short-term need for more capacity and higher performance.

Company Profile:

In 1971 southwest Airlines invented a new concept - the low fare airline and the idea took off.

With 2,700 flights a day to 58 airports in 30 states, Southwest Airlines carries nearly 64 million passengers a year. The company keeps costs down with a strategy of frequent flights, fast turnarounds, and point-to-point connections that eliminate the transfer delays common to hub-and spoke systems. It is also one of the most successful airlines at using the Web effectively for ticket sales and customer communication. As a result, Southwest Airlines' costs are about 16 percent lower than the competition - less than $0.08 per seat per mile, compared to the industry $0.095.

The result of the company's inspired ideas for giving customers lower fares has been an impressive success. With a double-digit earning annual growth rate, Southwest Airlines has had 29 consecutive years of profitability.

The best customers deserve the best

Rapid Rewards, which is sponsored by a pair of high-availability clustered PRIMEPOWER servers, has consistently been one of the best frequent-flyer programs in the industry. It has won seven awards from Inside Flyermagazine, the world's leading publication for members of frequent traveler programs.


  • Transportation & Travel

Offering Groups:

  • UNIX Servers
  • Computing Products

Solution Areas:

  • Systems & Network Management


  • United States


  • Keep up with growth in Rapid Rewards frequent-flyer database
  • Provide reliability for evolving capabilities


  • Increased performance
  • Faster backup
  • Higher availability
  • Future-ready platform