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First American Real Estate

PRIMEPOWER Server Solution Supports an Aggressive Corporate Growth Strategy

Company Profile

First American Real Estate Solutions (RES®) is the nation's largest provider of advanced property and ownership information and applications covering over 1,500 counties and more than 500,000 users nationwide. First American RES is a member of The First American Family of Companies, a Fortune 500 company recognized as the third-best performer for long term earnings growth by Fortune Magazine. First American RES has a significant need for highly reliable and scalable server solutions wrapped into a cost-effective environment to help drive the company's proprietary line of real estate information delivery tools.

As part of The First American Corporation, this specific division handles the company's property information database systems, services and products. Customers of First American RES depend on the company to improve customer acquisition and retention, detect and prevent fraud, improve mortgage transaction cycle time and cost efficiency, measure the value of residential and commercial properties, identify real estate trends and neighborhood characteristics, track market performance, and increase market share. With data collection on 100 million properties annually and 4 million property and mortgage transactions each month, First American RES coverage extends to over 92 percent of real estate transactions in the United States.

First American RES administers one of the nation's largest accessible Oracle databases - with over two terabytes of data - powered by Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER servers. The Oracle database holds information on county Recorder and Assessor records, allowing customers to access comparable real estate information such as property sales figures and property valuations, household demographics, local school and crime record information, flood data, appraisal data, and other proprietary and supplemental information on real estate property across the entire United States.

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  • Financial Services

Offering Groups:

  • UNIX Servers
  • Computing Products

Solution Areas:

  • Systems & Network Management


  • United States


  • Needed to quickly and accurately integrate and effectively manage large amounts of data
  • Needed increased performance from their data center servers


  • The high-powered system and support enables customers to access information extremely quickly from the company's databases.
  • Fujitsu provides a flexible, highly reliable choice in the high-end server marketplace.
  • Fujitsu's solution also addresses data housing and delivery problems.