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Fujitsu Group CSR Report / Environmental Report

Fujitsu has been publishing Environmental Report since 1996 with the aim of increasing the responsibilities and transparency of companies to society. Since 2003, we have published Sustainability Report focusing on the approach, initiatives and results of its social and environmental activities. To respond to various stakeholders' broad and deep expectations for each field, Fujitsu Group has been issuing both CSR Report and Environmental Report since 2014.

Fujitsu Group CSR Report 2017

CSR Report 2017 Cover Page

Fujitsu Group CSR Report 2017, responding international information disclosure requirements and latest domestic regulations, describes in detail about the basic stance, framework, policies, organization and internal/external activities in Fujitsu Group.
This year, we have newly introduced sections on Fujitsu's activities relating to SDGs, as well as our collaborative activities with external associations in Japan and overseas.

Fujitsu Group Environmental Report 2017

Fujitsu Group Environmental Report 2017 is aimed at those who are particularly interested in the environment, by focusing on the Fujitsu Group's approach to environmental management, introduction of Mid/Long-term Environmental Vision, specific examples of contributions to the sustainability of the earth by ICT and FY 2016 results of Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan Stage VIII are reported in detail.

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