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Procurement Policy


Fujitsu procures products and services based on the following procurement policy.

1. Coexistence with Suppliers

We procure goods, software, and services that are needed for conducting business activities ("Procurement Items") from various suppliers, add value to them, and supply them to society as FUJITSU products or services.

We strive to establish a relationship of coexistence in which Fujitsu and our suppliers, as good business partners, build a long term trustful relationship based on continuous efforts and improvements on both sides and, thereby, prosper together.

2. Fair and Proper Evaluation and Selection of Suppliers

We evaluate and select suppliers comprehensively based on such criteria as i)Credibility as an enterprise, ii)Technology, iii)Quality, Price and Delivery of Procurement Items and vi)The level of engagement with Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") activities.

In evaluating and selecting suppliers, we make no distinctions among candidate suppliers based on their nationalities, and we treat any candidate supplier sincerely, always offering them fair and reasonable entry opportunities.

3. Promotion of CSR-Conscious Procurement Activities

Complying with FUJITSU CSR PROCUREMENT GUIDELINE, and together with our suppliers, we promote CSR-conscious procurement activities such as protection of the global environment; compliance with laws and regulations; respect for human rights, labor, health and safety; assurance of safety and quality of products and services; maintenance and promotion of information security and fair trade and corporate ethics.


Fujitsu requests cooperation from our suppliers to allow us our social responsibilities in the supply chain.

Green Procurement

Implementing a comprehensive environmental management system, including obtaining ISO 14001 certification, is becoming an indispensable condition for moving forward as a global business. We are therefore advancing our environmental management system throughout our group companies. Aiming to further reduce environmental burdens in the supply chain, we have set forth the Fujitsu Group Green Procurement Direction in cooperation with our business partners, and we plan to expand the list of applicable items to encompass all procurement. In order to implement this plan, we are requesting that our business partners build their own environmental management systems and phase out the use of hazardous substances, and we will check on their progress using various types of surveys. For business partners who are not able to meet the standards, our purchasing and other related departments will help them build and operate an environmental management system.

Promotion of CSR-Conscious Procurement Activities

Based on "FUJITSU Way", We have newly defined our guidelines for promotion of CSR in our procurement activities.

We comply with this FUJITSU CSR PROCUREMENT GUIDELINE and would like our suppliers to equally comply with this guideline.


1. Protection of the Global Environment

Complying with the Fujitsu Group Green Procurement Direction, we promote the establishment of environmental management systems ("EMS"), and we aim to supply products and services that involve low environmental load and do not contain hazardous substances.

2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We adhere to applicable laws, regulations and accepted social practices governing our local and global businesses.

3. Respect for Human Rights, Labor, Health and Safety

  • We respect individuals' human rights and do not unfairly discriminate against people based on race, color, religion, creed, sex, social status, and physical or mental disability, and we do not engage in human rights abuses such as sexual harassment. Also, we do not induce anybody to infringe such human rights.
  • We establish comfortable work environments for the security and health of our employees.
  • We do not use child labor or any form of forced or compulsory labor.

4. Assurance of Safety and Quality of Products and Services

We maintain high standards of safety and quality in our products and services.

5. Maintenance and Promotion of Information Security

We maintain and promote information security in order to properly protect our own information and information systems and those of third parties.

6. Fair Trade and Corporate Ethics

  1. Fair Trade
    We promote fair, transparent and free competition and do not engage in any illicit trade.
  2. Protection of Confidential Information
    We maintain and promote proper handling of confidential information, including third parties' confidential and personal information.
  3. Protection of Intellectual Property
    We strive to obtain, maintain and utilize the intellectual property of others, understanding the role that intellectual property plays as an important resource to underpin organizations' business activities.
  4. Prohibition of Bribes
    We do not engage in any bribery of public officials or any similar activities, or any corruption, extortion, or appropriation through the abuse of one's position in the organization.

Conflict Minerals Issue

We view responsibility of corporations on conflict minerals* as an important CSR issue and work together with Fujitsu group companies and suppliers to increase the transparency of supply chain in the purchasing activities and to ensure responsible mineral sourcing practices.

*Conflict minerals Conflict minerals are the minerals whose mining or trading finances armed groups and fosters conflicts, or the ones closely related to such issues as human rights abuses or labor issues. The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act enacted in July of 2010 requires U.S. and foreign companies listed on the U.S. Stock Exchange to report the use of conflict minerals that are used to produce tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold and any other minerals named by the State Department to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).