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: Fujitsu Denmark

Smart City Tour 2017

Making a Secure, Prosperous Society a Reality

In line with its long-term vision of realizing a Human Centric Society, Fujitsu is striving to leverage ICT to create a society where people’s lives are prosperous and more secure.

Amid an ongoing population shift to cities worldwide, we are aggressively promoting smart cities as a driver for social transformation.

Fujitsu’s Smart City Vision

There are many problems around the globe that require immediate efforts for resolution. Among others, environmental deterioration and an array of resource shortages in increasingly urban centers has become an area of particular concern. It is projected that 60% of the global population will live in cities in 2030, consuming 73% of the world’s total energy. This trend is driving the need for “smart cities”, innovative urban developments that leverage ICT for the management of natural energy consumption at the community level and other technologies to balance environmental stewardship with comfortable living.

Fujitsu is working to harness ICT to make smart cities a reality, with a focus on energy, the environment and improving the quality of life for urban residents.

We cordially invite you to join us for a visit to Japan where you will experience how Fujitsu envisions smart cities and how that can help you and your organisations.