Fujitsu Intelligent Dashboard provides a window on factory-wide optimization

In the smart factory, manufacturers face the challenge of visualizing the volumes of data they collect to achieve factory-wide optimization. With Fujitsu Intelligent Dashboard we provide a smart solution to overcome this issue. Intelligent dashboard is an analysis and visualization tool that provides manufacturers with a single real-time view of their entire operating environment, complete with management reporting.

Dashboard screens show the current status of manufacturing quality, production, capacity utilization, and energy usage. Issues are clearly highlighted, and at the touch of a single button, it’s possible to discover the root cause and drill down to see any error message. It provides a snapshot of all factory operations, presenting them in easy-to-understand formats such as pie charts and graphs.

Fujitsu Intelligent Dashboard: The best solution for factory visualization/equipment management

Intelligent Dashboard is the solution that could help to optimize the factory in quality / productivity improvement, cost reduction, safety assurance and environmental measures by visualizing the whole factory in real time.

Assessing and improving factory performance is made easy with our digital dashboard

Intelligent Dashboard allows manufacturers to easily assess their factory performance by providing granular information such as equipment efficiency, energy consumption, yield rates and availability levels of all manufacturing lines. Using this information action can be taken to optimize energy consumption and adjust workflows to eliminate inefficiencies and lower operating costs.

The dashboard presents the production lines visually, making it easy to identify blockages and identify equipment holding up production, and with the information provided, manufacturers are empowered to switch from a reactive to predictive maintenance model.

Why choose Fujitsu Intelligent Dashboard?

With our intelligent Dashboard, you can gain a comprehensive view of your entire production process.

  • Using insight gained, you can make real-time adjustments to avoid defects and maintain the uninterrupted flow of finished goods.
  • You can view processes, address bottlenecks in real-time and detect any issues which can then be rapidly resolved to improve efficiency, increase throughput and reduce inventory.
  • You can better anticipate disruptions to operations and take the appropriate preventative measures.