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MicroSaver® Twin

The FUJITSU Kensington MicroSaver Twin allows you to protect both your notebook and display with this double lock-head security system. The patented T-bar locking mechanism and super-strong carbon tempered steel cable provide maximum protection. The MicroSaver Twin is available with Kensington Master Access so you can manage a limitless number of locks with a master key.

Technical details

Features and functionsLock two pieces of computer equipment (Notebook, Flat Sceen Monitor, LCD Projector, Docking Stations, CPUs...) by inserting the locks into the Kensington Security Slot ,One lock slides along the 2.2 m cable to allow adjustment of distance between two units ,Small size of the lock doesn´t give thieves space to grips lever and break the lock out of the slot,Strongest locks, just like the original Microsaver with patented T-Bar theft protection
Warranty period2 years
Warranty typeBring-In / Send-In Service