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Responsible Business

"As the role of IT becomes more pervasive in everyday life Fujitsu remains committed to making a positive impact to the society in which we operate. This commitment to responsible business, embodied in our ongoing Responsible Business program, remains at the heart of our long term strategy"

Duncan Tait Corporate Executive Office and SEVP, Head of EMEIA and Americas, Fujitsu

Our Approach & the Fujitsu Way

Across Fujitsu globally we recognise that when implemented correctly and genuinely, responsible and ethical behaviours create shared value. Responsible Business has been a substantial part of the Fujitsu Way (our corporate philosophy) since its inception, and therefore to our company DNA. It is genuine and longstanding, and our practice has been recognised and applauded externally in many benchmarks and indices

Our approach, and framework, outlined below, fully aligns to our global policy and vision of President Tanaka

Our Framework

Responsible practices are driven across the entire company, from protecting intellectual property rights and enforcing our human rights policy to encouraging all employees to get involved with community action projects. Our responsible business pillars – Environment, Community Involvement & Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Wellbeing and Operating Practices - are the foundation for our country level strategy whilst defining common themes across Fujitsu.

Activities in Denmark

Being responsible is not new to Fujitsu, it is part of our DNA.

It is essential that we are profitable, but profitability should not override all other considerations. "How" profits are made is extremely important, and this is something that we increasingly is being asked to justify to customers and other stakeholders. We must recognize the importance of winning the right way and being a responsible business is an important step of securing Fujitsu’s long-term goals.

Here in Denmark we pursue the creation of shared value across all operations and pillars.

In the environmental pillar, we have goals to reduce CO2 emissions, to ensure efficient resource use, and to overall reduce our impact on the environment. We are also ISO140001 certified and involve all our employees in our journey.

In the community involvement and development pillar we see great employee engagement, and focus on supporting disadvantaged children in the local community and beyond. For example, we do an annual collection of toys for the Red Cross Asylum Centre, we support Børnecancerfonden, a children’s cancer fund, and support Børnehjælpsdagen’s Children’s Day with a corporate sponsorship.

In terms of employee diversity and inclusion we run a graduate training program in order to widen our talent pool and be inclusive of young talent. We find young people have a great range of skills that help us in better meeting the needs of our customers. We also have a student assistance programme where those in higher education are able to work with us between 5-10 hours a week. To support the recruitment of young people we attend careers days to help us showcase what we are about and why we are a great place to work. We also have a passion to recruit more women and have done a full review of our recruitment policy and process.

We have introduced flex working to our colleagues to ensure we are not discouraging talent who for a range of reason may not be able to work full time.

The health and wellbeing of our employees both mentally and physically is of upmost importance to us. We have hosted a range of employee activities including external speakers on health and nutrition, indoor and outdoor activities and we also have a staff association group. This group brings together members of social, cultural and sporting activities in order to strengthen community and solidarity.

In terms of how we operate, we communicate and train employees regularly on issues such as compliance, due diligence, gifts and hospitalities etc.

Our customers

Fujitsu is taking a leadership role, proactively pursuing our goals across our entire global value chain, with customers, partners and suppliers. We want to work with organisations who share our values and collaborate to make positive change. We continue to respond to social and environmental challenges by increasing sustainable ICT products and solutions and developing innovative technologies which reduce the environmental impact of our customers' businesses.

In Spain for example, we worked with Caixa Bank who has one of Europe’s largest ATM networks. Fujitsu replaced all ATMs to not just enhance speed, flexibility and forge detection, but also to introduce special features to improve usability for the older and disabled community. In Netherlands major utility hubs are supported by Fujitsu solutions. At water company Clear Water, we do not just deliver datacentre and network management services, but enable a reduction in energy usage and CO2 footprint. We contribute with durable, sustainable and energy efficient hardware.

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