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  7. Fujitsu Delivers Compelling Disaster Recovery Capabilities with PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN Integrated System

Fujitsu Delivers Compelling Disaster Recovery Capabilities with PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN Integrated System

News facts:
  • New holistic approach to entire data center landscapes ensures resources are always best deployed across heterogeneous pools of server, storage, networking and hypervisors
  • Easier than ever to consolidate management of hardware systems for both physical and virtual workloads
Munich, May 07, 2015 Fujitsu today brings a compelling value proposition to market for enterprises tackling the headache of meeting ever-growing user demands for the availability of computing resources. PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN is designed to deliver the maximum value and utilization from data center resources and in doing so, ensure continually optimized services, despite continuous and unplanned variations in user requirements.

FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN combines servers, storage, network connectivity as well as infrastructure management software in a reference architecture. It delivers consolidated management of heterogeneous hardware systems, across different form factors, diverse operating systems and hypervisor technologies.

Consequently, PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN creates both previously unmatched levels of resource utilization and unrivalled high availability and disaster recovery capabilities.

With PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN, Fujitsu is addressing the issue of being able to provide enough computing resources facing mid-size and large enterprises around the world, ensuring that centrally-provided ICT services are more relevant and responsive to business users’ often-changing workload needs. Furthermore, Fujitsu provides guaranteed system uptime and availability.

PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN is a powerful and virtually unbreakable High Availablity (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) solution, thanks to its single, unified shared pool of resources across entire landscapes of server, storage, network and hypervisor resources – regardless of system vendor or operating system.

Fujitsu considers PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN as an ideal infrastructure that can be used to run highly available, business-critical services and to manage varying workloads running on a combined physical and virtual data center infrastructure.

PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN is a more flexible data center infrastructure

For any enterprise looking for a more flexible data center infrastructure, PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN is a particularly compelling value proposition, thanks to partitioning and multi-tenancy features, enabling the creation of secure resource pools of shared servers.

Uwe Neumeier, Vice President, Global Server Business at Fujitsu, says: “PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN is targeting customers searching for a more flexible infrastructure that allows them to run continuously accessible applications or services. One scenario example is dividing resources between two data centers, locations or fire-cells. The new PRIMEFLEX system accommodates application- and workload-specific resource requirements, such as the use of ‘bare metal’ servers to satisfy extreme data throughput and other performance needs as well as to meet licensing, support or regulatory requirements.”

PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN is offered with a choice of PRIMERGY rack, scale-out and blade servers. Customers can use existing storage systems or purchase Fujitsu ETERNUS storage. Fujitsu also offers a full range of maintenance, support and professional services to help customers with planning, onsite installation, implementation and operator training.

Fujitsu is continuing to expand its PRIMEFLEX line-up of Integrated Systems, which is made up of more than 20 offerings, including both reference architectures and ready-to-run systems. PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN is a reference architecture, with a choice of small, medium and large reference configurations that adapt, expand or adjust to meet individual requirements

Pricing and availability

The following Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers are certified as part of the PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN solution:
  • Rack servers: PRIMERGY RX200 S8, RX300 S8, RX2530 M1, RX2540 M1
  • Scale-out servers: PRIMERGY CX400 M1, PRIMERGY CX2550 M1
  • Blade servers: PRIMERGYBX900 S2, PRIMERGY BX920 S3/S4, PRIMERGY BX924 S3/S4, PRIMERGY BX2560 M1, PRIMERGY BX2580 M1
PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN is provided in three pre-defined configurations:
  • Small: 400 virtual machines
  • Medium: 1000 virtual machines
  • Enterprise: 2000+ virtual machines
Configurations may be adapted, expanded or adjusted in order to meet individual requirements. For example a small configuration consists of 8x PRIMERGY CX2550 M1 systems, two Top-of-Rack (TOR) switches (Brocade VDX or Cisco Nexus), 1 storage system (such as Fujitsu ETERNUS DX200 S3), and 1-2 infrastructure servers hosting PAN Manager and add-on software.

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Date: 07 May, 2015
City: Munich